Friday, October 4, 2013

Nickelodeon Takes Over Veritas Parochial School

This morning, we went to our son's school where students and parents are invited to a special Nickelodeon day where games and prizes await everyone. It's a free event so I figured I'll go check it out with my son. Here are some pictures of the event.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Need to Boost Your Breastmilk Supply? Try These Products.

I have been breastfeeding for more than a year now and since my baby is already a year old, I was thinking that my milk supply is no longer enough to make her full because after she drinks milk from me, she's still hungry. They say I should eat more malunggay and I did, but it's still not enough for me so I looked for more products on the internet and this this what I found:

Organic Milkmaid Tea. (100% caffeine free and 100% organic)
It's specifically made for breastfeeding moms who need a little help in boosting their milk supply. I ordered it right away after seeing it and after 2 days of drinking it, I did notice a little boost on my milk and my baby seemed to like the taste of it even more because she prefers to latch on to me than look for solid foods when she's hungry unlike before.

One box has 16 tea bags. I bought it from for P350.

I've also tried this Yogi tea, but I'm more satisfied with the results of Milkmaid tea. This is actually cheaper and also can be bought from for P250.

There are also other products that you could try to increase your breast milk. Sad to say I haven't tried them yet, but if you're interested, while drinking some lactation tea, you could also try lactation cookies and they're available in Crumbs and Grubs. You can go to their Facebook page here. They also make lactation brownies!
Photo taken from Milk Aid Facebook site
You can also order from Milk Aid. Click here for their Facebook page. also offers a lot more lactation aid products that might suit your needs so I suggest you check out their website at
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