Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Gurbaksh Chahal's Success Story

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Image: VerifiedTrustworthy

Success is a journey, not a destination. If anyone knows this statement better, it would be Gurbaksh Chahal. He was born in Tarn Taran Sahib in Punjab, India to Avtar Singh and Arjinder Chahal. In 1985, his parents received a visa for America through the Diversity Visa (DV) program, also known as the Green Card Lottery, and the following year, when he was four, the family settled in San Jose, California.

Upon arriving in this new world, Chahal had the spare time to work various side jobs and make thousands of dollars refurbishing printers from a local flea market for $50 and then would turn around and sell them on eBay for $200. He was able to buy low and sell high, thus beginning his passion for business. All of the money he earned, he began to a startup company called ClickAgents at the age of 16. After a few years, he sold his business, ClickAgents, for $40 million dollars!

He then began his second business, an online advertising company, BlueLithium. BlueLithium specialized in behavioral targeting of banner advertising (a process that tracks web users’ habits online in order to show ads they are most likely to respond to). On October 15, 2007, Yahoo! bought Blue Lithium for $300 million in cash( Reuters ). Chahal remained CEO of the company through the transition period.

Despite a rough and bullied childhood, Chahal found a way to give back to those in poverty, as he deeply believes the power of helping others also achieve their goals and dreams like himself, and encouraged to continue to help those who are one of the most vulnerable members of our society- children. He started his own charity which became a national movement, called The Chahal Foundation. His 5 core tenants include supporting disaster relief efforts, improving schools in third world countries, creating awareness of social causes, giving university scholarship and mentorship and building an overall awareness to eradicate child sex trafficking.

To add even more to his already filled plate, Chahal wrote a novel called The Dream: How I Learned the Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship and Made Millions. One of America’s most successful young internet entrepreneurs, he shares his unique and inspiring story with the world and how he can encourage those to pursue their dreams early and continue to fight for what you want out of life. A true success story, having emigrated to the United States with his Skh family, today he is now now one of the youngest executives of a multi-billion dollar NADSAQ-listed company. His novel shares that advice for future entrepreneurs to help them embrace that risk and carve out their new niches in the marketplace. He emphasizes the value of good business timing: how to execute an idea and get it to the marketplace, how to create and maintain solid business relationships, and how to stay grounded. However, most importantly, Chahal teaches yourself that failure is not an option and how to overcome it. 

So, what does it take to become extremely successful, two large multi-million dollar companies, a novel and a philanthropic foundation all under your name? Determination. Chahal’s success story from rags to riches isn’t the first that we’ve heard but one that continues to inspire anyone that meets “G” in real life or follows up with his business plans and reads his novel. Today, Chahal has various businesses under his belt and shares a motto that keeps him moving forward “ If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it- teach yourself to be impatient.” This rings true today of those who really want something but are not going to wait around for the opportunity to come to them because anything worth wanting will not simply make its way around. 

In order to really get what you want, you need to take the initiative, waste no opportunity and create your opportunity to make it available. We can all learn so much from Chahal’s story, his fame, his philanthropic foundation and his love for helping those around him share their goals and passions so they too, can help others with their own goals in life. An inspiration to many, nothing stands in the way of Chahal’s dreams and I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more great things to come from this motivational business individual.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo of Yamaha Supports Travelooza

Travelooza is the very first convergence of travel agencies and tour operators that will be launched on September 28, 2017 (9AM to 5PM) at Makati Sports Club along Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, to promote the Philippines as the premier travel destination in the world. Travelooza is a project of Asia Digital Marketing Expo celebrating its 3rd year anniversary.

Ms. Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo of Yupangco Group of Companies is one of the leaders in the Philippines supporting Travelooza. She the granddaughter of the former Philippine President, Jose P. Laurel. "Supporting these kinds of events can create awareness in our beautiful country, and a destination like no other," according to her.

For this year 2017, according to the company website, after 50 years, G. A. YUPANGCO & CO., INC., through its present complement of 31 stores and 35 music school centers across the Philippines, continues to serve the needs of the Filipino musician and music enthusiast, providing the state of the art in musical instruments and sound reinforcement technology and the finest in music education while Zoomanity Group, the theme park management headed by her brother, Robert Laurel Yupangco is the number 1 theme park destination and is expanding in the Philippines.

Yupangco Group of Companies includes Yupangco Music Corporation, Yamaha Electronics, Yupangco Music Academy formerly Yamaha School of Music, Zoomanity Group, YL Finance and much more. According to Regina, her mom, Nita L. Yupangco helped her so much to appreciate more on how the Laurels are passionate for the country.

For more info and to register about Travelooza, please send inquiries to events@travelooza.asia or call 09166299381 or 02 9170213

Thursday, September 14, 2017

My Favorite Gambling Game is Bingo

Gambling has become a negative word nowadays simply because the notion involves risking and losing lots of money before you could win some resulting to violence, theft, and so on. I personally think gambling is not bad. It’s only bad if it becomes an addiction. You know what they say, “Too much of something is never a good thing.”

Gambling can be fun and clean if you know your limits. Let’s say if you have 50 bucks extra, you spend it in gambling and sadly you didn’t earn anything. Regardless of how you feel about the result, you should stop at that and walk away. 

I remember back in the 90s when my mom tried the slot machine for the very first time and she won $1,000! She was really happy.  She went home, spent some of the money in groceries, and saved the rest. She didn’t gamble again because she knows she only got lucky. She says she’ll go back again when the time is right. Until now, she still hasn’t gone back, though.

Image from Flickr
Bingo was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. My grandma taught me how to play it just for fun and to kill time. I didn't even know at that time that Bingo was also considered as gambling. Some years later, our family  participated in our town’s Bingo events and unfortunately, we haven’t won anything yet. I was envious of my neighbours winning some appliances such as a toaster, beauty sets, and gift certificates. But nevertheless, it was still a fun bonding experience that requires little physical activity. It’s the perfect event to bring the old folks around. 

As time progressed, I’m amazed how Bingo evolved into online Bingos where you could win cash or tokens from sponsors. Apparently, they now have 2 categories; one is deposit sites, the other is non-deposit sites. I guess they’re pretty self-explanatory. One of these sites is Bingo Minions where they’re currently offering a bingo minions prize draw cash giveaway and random winners will win Bob Minions Bear. That sounds quite exciting.

There are still tons of Bingo online websites out there to be explored and it’s really tiresome to check them out one by one. Good thing that there is a website that has checked/sorted them out for you so you can decide which one best interests you. Simply go to BoomtownBingo.com and there you can find Bingo sites and other gaming sites that might interest you. Just remember to know your limits, guys. This is all just for fun.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Make Play Areas Colorful and Safe with Wet Pour Surfacing

Photo from Flickr 
A nursery play area is generally a child's favorite space either in their house or even in their schools. As people plan for making or designing a playground, they would invest on slides, swings, inflatables, or other playground equipment for children to enjoy, which is totally fine. But what most people often neglect is maximizing the floor design. 

Nursery play areas can become more visually stimulating for kids when colorful designs and decors were added on the floor. For a more creative and educational effect, animals, alphabets or even numbers can be added. Since it is believed that children learn more when they are playing outside, it would be ideal to have these designs installed. These designs may also help improve school’s Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) ratings since they allow for kids to learn during playtime and help them improve a number of skills. I sure wished I had those in our playground when I was a kid 

So how do we install such designs on the floor? 

Soft Surfaces specializes in playground and sports facility surfacing installers. Some of the popular surfaces that they install for play areas in nurseries include wet pour, rubber mulch and artificial grass. Wet pour is an easily recognized two tier rubber specification and may also be known as rubber tarmac. It is the most popular flooring type used for playgrounds because their specifications meet the necessary safety requirements and Critical Fall Height (CFH) requirements for playgrounds, thus, making them safe for children. 

The flooring types which Soft Surface install are all permeable allowing water to pass through the drainage system appropriately and efficiently. This prevents accidents and slips which could happen if the surface wasn’t installed correctly resulting to a water build up.

Here is an example of a transformation of an old flooring turned into a colorful play area ( wet pour graphic design was installed):

Before and After 

Check out these other colorful wet pour examples used in nursery play areas by Soft Surfaces: 

Wet pour rubber graphics inserts can be installed with EPDM safety surfaces to create unique designs.

Soft Surfaces also offer flooring maintenance to ensure the facility is kept safe for young kids. They offer minor repairs, cleaning, shrinkage repair and resurfacing. It is also highly recommended to clean the surfaces regularly to ensure no moss and algae gets on the surface. 

For more information about play area surfacing, playground markings, or other types of surface installation, you may visit http://www.softsurfaces.co.uk. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Zoomanity Group Joins Travelooza

We are all inviting you to join us at Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2017 which is on its 3rd year now and presenting TRAVELOOZA. For this year, again, Zoomanity Group joins this historical event. It's a convergence of travel operators, agencies, theme parks, resorts, hotels, and restaurants. There will be exhibitors and talks. Bring also your business permit to be accredited. 

Date: ‪September 28, 2017‬ 
Venue: Makati Sports Club 
Time: ‪9Am-5PM‬ 
Ticket Cost: Php 1000 (That includes flowing coffee, Buffet Lunch, Activities, Certificate of Attendance, Tokens, Eligibility for Raffle Prizes) 

For sponsorship. Please send your inquiries directly to grace@tagmedia.asia Please deposit your registration to BPI Checking ‪1680 0010 29‬, Tag Media and Public Relations Account Zoomanity Group is composed of different theme parks and Restaurants in the Philippines like Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Zoocolate Thrills, Paradizoo, Residence Inn, Misono Japanese Restaurant, Jinsei, Nanten, Midori and Yakitori Daitokyo. 

Zoomanity group is the leading company in theme park industry under the Yupangco Group of Companies. Envisioning world class, innovative and enjoyable facilities from Northern to Southern Philippines by providing the best tourist destination and nature educational experiences with the facilities that is uniquely design to provide enjoyment to visitors of all ages. For more information: www.zoomanity.com.ph and www.tagmedia.asia / 02 9170213 (Tag Media Office), 09166299381.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Dangers of Side Effects Presented As Main Effects

In the medical world, proper use of words is highly called for because a simple mistake could complicate things usually unwanted for the patients. Because this field has full of jargons that most are too technical to not easily be sifted and digested by the general public, putting them in a layman’s term is indeed helpful.           

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Enjoy Groupon Coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond

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It's no question that we all just love coupons because it gives us the savings that we want and deserve. Groupon is the number one source of online coupons and the only go-to place of frugal people looking for amazing deals and discounts. The good news is that they’re now offering coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond

 “50% OFF Kitchen Savings” and “50% OFF Bedding Clearance In-store and online store” are just some of the juiciest discounts they offer. As a mom, I’d definitely get those two discounts if I can, but for now, I’d grab the bedding clearance discount because our bed sheets desperately need a make-over. I think it was 5 years ago when I last bought some sheets. OMG. Changing the colors of bed sheets can really change the mood of the room and for me, I want our room to look as relaxed and clean as possible.

Here is a picture of some of the beautiful beddings/comforter set I found from Bed Bath and Beyond website with the Groupon discount: 

Groupon currently offers lots of coupons to multiple merchants such as Abe Books, 24-Hour Fitness, Babies R Us, and much more. Do check them out in their website for more amazing deals that suit your needs (and desires).

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