Saturday, May 19, 2018

Need of Jeep Bumpers and Its Accessory

Jeep Complete Axle Assemblies - When one rides his jeep they are always overwhelmed and excited as they feel they are driving in air and when they move through rocks and crushing the rocks due to the pressure which is created when the jeep bounces these things can damage the jeep wrangler axles. But the jeep tjdana 44 front axle has all the features which allow us to ride the jeep in a way we want without any worries.

1) Keep Your Skins Moving - If you had dreamt of going on a trip to the hillside and later on you realized the jeep you own is a turtle because you could hear the cracks and breaks. But the new 44 front axle works as a replacement part which you need when it is damaged and you can now travel without worries. In this it keeps the tubes rolling and the power is transferred with G2 and rock jock assemblies.

2) They're true and Trustworthy - The new accessories are all set to work without taking any break. These act as bulletproof axles which protects from all sorts of damages.

3) Dependable Price Guarantee - Nobody would like to have a jeep front axle which is more or less just a box so provides with best quality 44 front axles and G2 Axle and other gear assemblies at very good prices. So, instead of wasting time browsing for best quality parts on good price just use this And if you get the good quality parts at a better price than this they will refund the difference amount.
Jeep Storage & Organizers - Usually those who have jeep are travelers by nature and need proper spaces to store their supplies regarding the jeep and also their own luggage and it needs to be kept in a secure way so that no theft happens and they can enjoy their trip without tension. The Jeep tool box can be used to keep jeep supplies safe and to hide all the valuables. Jeep storage is one of the most important parts of any road trip.

Whenever we shop for jeep lock box we need to make sure do they ensure safety! Jeep storage boxes and holders don’t only have options for locking but also protects it from external environment. They are made-up with foam gaskets which protect from leakage and plastic and metal contents which protects it from water. The Jeep Wrangler bumpers storage keeps the gear and tools safe always.

Thus, if you are planning a road trip on the coming weekends and you want to go on a road trip to hillside or forest side head on with it. But before that we need to check on the bumpers. Take your jeep amidst the beautiful nature even during the rains or muddy or if there are lots of rocks, when you have correct tools and accessories with you, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Summer Talent Camps: A venue for Discovering, Nurturing, and Celebrating Every Child’s Gift

Taguig   City - May   11,   2018— As parents, summertime is considered the perfect time for children to not only take a break from school work but also to engage in different activities to stay productive.  As such,   we are always on the lookout for summer workshops and talent camps, which can help our kids learn new skills and discover their talents. According to Dr.   Tippy   Tanchanco,   a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, talent camps unlock many opportunities for kids to explore and learn on their own, which is important in discovering their true gifts.

“Children give cues early on. They can be showing signs of what they’re naturally inclined to in just a few months of age. It could be music, motor skills, or language,” added Dr. Tanchanco.“There is no particular age for it, but we need to look for signs that your child is developmentally ready.” She noted that if we want to hone a  child’s athletic abilities, then we have to ensure that he or she is physically fit and ready. The same goes for developing academic abilities. If children show signs of absorbing information, then they are prepared for activities that they can delve into. Dr. Leticia Ho, president and founder of Philippine Center for Gifted Education, couldn’t agree more. She explained that every child is born with potentials but, they do not necessarily develop. They need to be exposed to intervening factors so that they can be developed and transformed into gifts. 

These variables include proper nutrition, proper stimulation, and proper care. Jong Icasiano, BSFT. MSc, a food scientist, and nutritionist, firmly believes that providing our child’s nutritional needs play an important role in nurturing one’s gift or talent. “A proper diet serves as fuel for the child since it is needed for his or her body and brain to achieve optimum development.   Other factors may include boosting their confidence,   good hygiene, enough sleep, and giving them a venue to shine brightly and further explore their full potential,” Icasiano added. This is where the PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 comes in. Now on its sixth season, it featured four intensive workshops, under the mentorship   of   experts   in   the   field   of   arts, engineering, dance, and music, such as Teacher Robert Alejandro, Teacher Lei Sta. Maria, Maestro   Ryan   Cayabyab,   and   Teacher   Georcelle   Sy,   respectively.  

These camps ran, simultaneously, from April 2 to May 3 in different locations in Metro Manila. As its culminating activity, all the participants of the four camps showcased what they learned ina recital, held recently at the Kia Theater. It also gathered the parents, as well as the CampMasters, who joined the kids in their performance. Kids who joined the Dance Camp blazed the stage with a number with Teacher Georcelle and the G-Force. Maestro Ryan also sang and played musical instruments with the kids from the Music Camp. The kids from the Arts and Engineering Camp, on the other hand, showcased a performance that highlighted their creativity and engineering skills with Teacher Robert and Teacher Lei. “We are happy to see all the kids perform on stage. They really stood out and shined their brightest and I know that their parents are also very proud of them,” said Yvette Villegas, the brand manager of Promil® Four. 

“This what the PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 is allabout—to help hone, share, and celebrate the gift of every child.”Since its inception, the PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp helped discover and nurture the young Filipinos’ gift in partnership with parents. It is initiated by PROMIL® Four, a milk brand, specially formulated for children above three years old. It is also the only brand that containsNUTRISSENTIALS®—the combination of the unique and important nutrients that help support mental and physical development to  help Nurture the Gift, together with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

To know more about PROMIL® Four iShine Talent Camp, visit You may also log on to to know more about  PROMIL®‘s other variants

Monday, May 7, 2018

Converge ICT & FTTH Council Asia Pacific brings the 13th annual FTTH APAC Conference in Manila 2018

MANILA, May 4Converge ICT, the pure end-to-end Fiber Internet provider in the country, together with FTTH Council Asia Pacific is proud to bring the 13th annual FTTH APAC Conference 2018 on May 8-10, 2018 at Shangri-La at the Fort, Makati City, Philippines.

Gathering all the companies active in the Asia-Pacific telecoms market and the over 600 senior executives participating this year is no easy task. Yet, this annual conference will serve as the meeting point for the region’s top operators, solution providers, and vendors as well.

Now is your rare chance to position your company as a market leader and take advantage of this event to build networks, partake in open discussions, and be aware of the latest regional market trends and technological disruptions.

Key topics to discuss:
-          The importance of fiber to the network edge for future proof telecom networks in the Philippines.
-          Digital services as a critical economic platform for the country and a launch pad for innovation.
-          Designing win-win partnerships between the Philippine government, carriers, “over the top” players and non-traditional investors.
-          What are the entertainment and connected living needs of the Philippines?
-          What are your visions for the future of telecommunications and entertainment in the country?

This event is hosted by the Republic of the Philippines Department of Information and Communications Technology, the Philippine Cable Television Association, CONVERGE ICT, together with leading Philippines ICT companies.

About Converge ICT

An ISO-Certified company, Converge ICT is the fastest growing fiber Internet and other digital consumer-centric services provider in the Philippines today. Their premium products and services run through the first pure end-to-end fiber Internet network in the country. Whether you are at home, in your business, or in the corporate world, Converge is the brand of choice!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Unique Artworks Only at Minted

I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

I love art. I admit that I can’t do good art, but I do appreciate other artists’ work. Growing up, I remember whenever we stroll in a mall, I would always make sure to walk by the art gallery store just to look at the beautiful paintings being sold there. I would always think that just one good painting or an artwork would really bring good vibes in a household. 

I personally verified my theory during the time I visited my classmate’s house back in college. I remember they had a big house and I saw this huge and beautiful painting of a marketplace with lots of fruits and veggies included in the picture. The painting was hanging on the wall in their dining room. It really did bring their house to life. It was quite big so wherever you sit like in the living room area, you can see the picture. Whenever I sat down, I would look at the painting and relax. Sometimes, when your mind wants to rest,  you just want to look at a good painting or a good picture to relax and reflect.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Find Dashing Dresses at Dresslily

As a plus size woman, I often find it difficult to look for good-looking dresses that have my size on stores in the mall or even boutique stores. Most of the time, I would find a very nice dress, but the problem is the size. Sometimes, I would find the right size, but the design is just not my type of fashion. It sounds like a petty problem, but when you’re looking for a dress that you desperately need to wear on a certain occasion, it gets pretty stressful.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rosegal: Your One-Stop Shop for Plus Size Fashion and More

I’m quite happy to make this blog post because the fashion site that I’m going to feature is for plus-sized women!!! I’d have to say that I’m also part of the plus size family so I’m quite excited to feature this.

So without further ado, the site’s name is called Rosegal. I actually find the name quite cute. So what will you find in Rosagal? All the clothing wear you can think of – swimwear, tops, pants, even accessories, etc. Since it’s the summertime, I would like to share some clothes that are fit for the summer time.

Here are some samples of the summer clothes I saw from Rosegal:

Rosegal outfit

Who says you can’t wear black during summer time? Well, my mom used to say it to me, but that was more than a decade ago. Fashion has truly evolved since then and you can see the nice combination of dark colors in this outfit. I also love the floral design of her skirt. I can definitely wear something like this, especially on a poolside party because I’m a fan of dark-colored clothes. I know I mentioned in my previous blog post that dark-colored clothes absorb heat, but I have faith that this outfit won’t. 

Rosegal bikini

Let’s go the swimsuit round! I chose this bikini picture because it looks gorgeous. I really believe polka dots never go out of style. I mean doesn’t it look sexy and nice? This swimwear just proves that plus-size fashion is really beautiful and fashionable. 

You may click here and see some more fashionable clothes for plus size and for those who are not plus-sized people that fits any time of the year.  

I would love to share more gorgeous photos, but I’ll just let you visit Rosegal’s site so you can see it for yourself. I assure you that their website is definitely a good find. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Zaful: My New Favorite Fashion Site

Summer is definitely here because I can literally feel the intense heat of the sun. It’s so hot I don’t want to go out anymore. But at the end of the day, I still have to go out, pay my bills to the bank, do some groceries, take my kids to summer class, and other stuff. 
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