Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Dangers of Side Effects Presented As Main Effects

In the medical world, proper use of words is highly called for because a simple mistake could complicate things usually unwanted for the patients. Because this field has full of jargons that most are too technical to not easily be sifted and digested by the general public, putting them in a layman’s term is indeed helpful.           

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Enjoy Groupon Coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond

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It's no question that we all just love coupons because it gives us the savings that we want and deserve. Groupon is the number one source of online coupons and the only go-to place of frugal people looking for amazing deals and discounts. The good news is that they’re now offering coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond

 “50% OFF Kitchen Savings” and “50% OFF Bedding Clearance In-store and online store” are just some of the juiciest discounts they offer. As a mom, I’d definitely get those two discounts if I can, but for now, I’d grab the bedding clearance discount because our bed sheets desperately need a make-over. I think it was 5 years ago when I last bought some sheets. OMG. Changing the colors of bed sheets can really change the mood of the room and for me, I want our room to look as relaxed and clean as possible.

Here is a picture of some of the beautiful beddings/comforter set I found from Bed Bath and Beyond website with the Groupon discount: 

Groupon currently offers lots of coupons to multiple merchants such as Abe Books, 24-Hour Fitness, Babies R Us, and much more. Do check them out in their website for more amazing deals that suit your needs (and desires).

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Effects of Supplements on Dietary Performance

Today, more and more people are honing their athletic skills in the hope of becoming a professional athlete. It is not like just getting lean due to beauty purposes. Unlike liposuctions, plastic surgeries, butt enhancement pills, and any Korean skin care routine, it takes much more than practice to make it to the professional level, especially when you consider that competitive sports are often turned into events where athletes are expected to win at all costs. Unfortunately, for some athletes, the immense pressure to come out on top and give themselves a competitive edge can put their health at risk. In some cases, it can even jeopardize their life.

How Lifestyle Affects Athletic Performance

An athlete’s performance is largely dependent on the lifestyle he or she adopts. For optimal performance, regular exercise, a pleasant environment, healthy diet, clean air , and an ability to handle and perform under pressure are crucial. In addition, athletes are increasing turning to dietary supplements in an effort to give their performance a boost.

The Importance of Supplements

For athletes, supplements provide a variety of advantages, including improving their physical strength and power, enhancing their energy level, and burning excess fat. For example, athletes need ample muscle mass strength and size and the ability to engage in strenuous and lengthy training sessions, which leads them to take protein supplements. While athletes could choose to include more protein in their daily diet by adding fish, poultry, and dairy products, supplements are also a viable option that can also help prevent them from consuming excess fats in protein-rich foods.

Reasons for Taking Supplements

Enhanced muscle strength: Regular training and exercise, as well as a healthy diet, is necessary for muscle growth. However, protein supplements also help boost muscle strength. Unfortunately, this can give athletes unfair advantages, which is why the use of protein supplements are considered a punishable offense in some athletic communities.

Increased fat burning abilities: Athletic dietary supplements contain branch chained amino acids, which facilitate the process of building up proteins and muscles in the body. At the same time, these supplements enhance fat oxidation or burning, particularly during workouts. It’s important to note that the amino acids contained in supplements can cause a metabolic imbalance in the body, which can be dangerous.

Potential Dangers

Nutrition experts caution athletes about the use of diet supplements due to their potential dangers. They like to remind athletes that there are plenty of natural and effective ways to enhance muscle strength and get rid of excess body fat and weight, provided they have the determination and discipline to follow through. A few of the top risks associated with the use of diet supplements include:

Overall health risk: Taking supplements for an extended period of time can increase the chances of developing cardiovascular and kidney problems, such as kidney stones. They can even result in kidney failure and/ or significant heart problems.

Stomach ailments: Gastrointestinal distress is a common side effect of many dietary supplements, particularly for athletes struggling with lactose intolerance. Problems may include nausea, bloating, and stomach cramps, especially when using dairy-based proteins.

Reduced appetite: Supplements can decrease appetite. Not only can this prevent athletes from getting much needed nutrients, but it can also cause extreme fatigue.

The Key to Embracing a Healthy Athletic Lifestyle

Although there are risks and side effects associated with taking supplements, they do have a place in the everyday life of athletes and body builders. However, everyone should consult a medical professional before they add them to their daily routine. Examine, Supplement Science and Labdoor are few of the free websites by which you can rely on getting supplements information before actually committing on using one.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Using Color in Your Bedroom

Color is one of the most beautiful and versatile tools of interior decoration. With the use of paint, you can transform the darkest room into a light, bright space, or the loudest decor into a muted paradise of sophistication. Knowing how to mix and use color is crucial to the success of any interior. 

However, since color is is essentially an abstract concept, many people find it difficult and bewildering to understand. This lack of confidence is largely due to an ignorance of the basic principles of color. In color theory, as with the most things, there are certain rules and guidelines that should be followed. As your confidence grows, you can even try to break a few. 

Image from Flickr 
True moody blue is a timeless favorite. it is the supreme cool color, evoking a sense of tranquility. Blue's rich and varied tones are endless. Deep intense blues can give an energetic and fresh feel to a room, adding depth and contrast. Pale, subtle and muted shades of blue can create the feel of open, airy spaces. 
Cool blue creates an airy quality which can be accentuated by accessories in contrasting colors. Soft pastel colors blend together for a calming environment. Color can also be applied to a divided space for interest. 

Image from Flickr
Pink is an extraordinary color. It can range from pale candy floss, through sugar-almond pink to subtle salmon. Pink works well with turquoise, its complementary color and with the colors on either side of it on the color wheel, violet, and red. Psychologists believe that to sleep in a pink room will leave you in a good optimistic frame of mind. 

Watch out for my part two of Using Color in Your Bedroom. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Blogger Mail: Palmolive Products via Lazada PH

Lazada has been the online go-to shop of most Filipinos to look for almost anything. From gadgets to groceries, from clothes to cat food, almost everything is there. Best of all, they offer big discounts from time to time.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to receive a Palmolive package from Lazada with the following goodies :

1. Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (SRP: Php150)
2. Palmolive Naturals Healthy and Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner (SRP: Php 150)
3. Palmolive Naturals Cream Conditioner Intensive Moisture (SRP: Php85.00)
4. Palmolive Naturals Cream Conditioner Aloe Vera and Fruit Vitamins (SRP Php 85.00)
5. Palmolive Naturals Body Wash White Milk (SRP: Php 80.00)
6. Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Bar soap 

I just love Palmolive products. They all smell so good making me look forward to taking a bath.  I'm currently using the Palmolive White + Milk body wash and I just love its luxurious clean scent and my skin seems to love it, too, probably because of the moisturizers or the milk it contains. It helps me relax while taking a bath, which is nice.  It definitely beats regular bath soaps I normally use. 

Do you want to purchase Palmolive products? Click here to go to  Lazada website and have them delivered right to your home.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Yes to More Discounts with the Free VAT Campaign of!

Do you love traveling but feel that your earnings are never enough to cover the cost? Do you always feel worried about the continuous price hikes on commodities? Are you one of those who complains about the high tax rate charged in the items and services you need? It wouldn’t be surprising if you answered “yes” in any of these questions. Because among our neighboring countries, we, Filipinos, are the highest-paying taxpayers.

While well-performing ASEAN countries like Singapore and Malaysia are able to tone down Value Added Tax (VAT) charges at the minimum, the Philippines remains as the South East Asian country with the highest VAT of 12% in the ASEAN. Apart from this, the Philippines also ranks second in corporate income tax and personal income tax. Now that almost all purchases made are topped with tax, many Filipinos are struggling so hard to earn enough just to cover all their expenses.With that,, the leading online travel agent (OTA) in the country, wants to ease such burden.

 Just this July, launched its Free VAT Campaign wherein they shoulder the 12% VAT on all hotel bookings made by their customers.“Every Filipino deserves the best experience when they travel. And at, we believe that it should start at the very moment that they do their actual bookings,” says Mr. Takumi Nakazawa, General Manager of the leading OTA. All the customers have to do is to sign up at and choose among the 3,300 affiliated hotels of for their trip. Travelers, then, will see that the VAT on their hotel bookings has been deducted from the total cost of their transaction. What’s more interesting is that on top of the deducted VAT, additional discounts may still be applied.

With all the stress and problems in life that Filipinos normally encounter, would like to give them more opportunities to travel so they can unwind and explore. “What we want to do is more of a public service instead of business. We have a heart for the customers and we do necessary actions to express that we care. That is how Free VAT campaign is born,” Mr. Nakazawa adds. With this latest offer from, everyone can now get hassle-free and pocket-friendly trips!

So book now at to start the best travel experience you can ever have! 

This campaign might end without prior notice to the public.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back to School Giveaway (Open to US)

Back To School Giveaway

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Blogger Opp Back to School Giveaway

 Blogger Opp Back To School Giveaway

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