Friday, February 24, 2017

Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren Announce the Gender of Their Baby

It's gonna be a girl! Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren took to Instagram on Saturday, February 18, to share the happy news, along with some pictures and video from their gender reveal party. Thomas' wife, Lauren Akins, shared a picture of a gorgeous tall cake decorated in pink and blue “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” decorations. "'How we wonder what you are...' guess what we're doing tonight :)" she captioned the post. What a gorgeous cake! It was almost a ombre effect of pink and blue, and even had edible metallic star decorations covering it.

A few minutes later, Thomas posted a video on his page, of him cutting into the beautiful cake. “It's pink!” he shouts. “Havin' a girl!” Lauren also shared a video of the occasion, saying “Sorry our family is nuts but WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!” So cute! The adorable couple have known each other since first grade, and announced last week that they are not only having a baby, but adopting a child from Africa as well. They have been updating their social media regularly and keeping their fans in the loop on what is going on with both their pregnancy and their adoption. Thomas Rhett, 26, seems to be extremely excited to start this journey, even though he has mentioned on social media that he knows that things are about to get crazy! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

OPPO F1s: Valentine’s Dream Date

My ideal Valentine date is the opposite of my wedding day. Instead of me being nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time, I want this day to be relaxing and unwinding for me and my date (with my husband). 

I want to start the day with a buffet breakfast in one of our favorite restaurants, Cravings. I just love eating in buffets and I also think a heavy breakfast suits to start the perfect day. 

After eating breakfast, we will watch the movie, "John Wick 2." Hubby and I very much prefer action movies more than romantic movies. 

After the movies, a light snack from any froyo (frozen yogurt) store would be such a delight where we would also talk about the movie such as what we like and don't like about the movie, what should have been in the story, and all the what if's. This is where our stimulating discussions and petty arguments about the movie usually start. 

After we finish talking and trying to impress each other with our opinions, it's time to relax our senses. A full body massage for the couple from The Spa or other massage centers would be heaven for us because our tired mind and bodies can really relax and simply unwind. This is something we have been longing for in a long time, but we just couldn't agree with the time and date due to schedule conflicts. 

I assume by this time, the stars are already coming up so it's time to go home. We will end our romantic date at our home with our lovely children, carrying pasalubong for our kids probably some toys and their favorite donuts,  and have pizza for dinner because our family is united when we all eat pizza while watching TV. Our day is just not complete without spending it with our bundle of joys.
I want OPPO F1s to capture every moment of our day by having selfies or couple shots using its powerful 16 megapixel front camera with full color and no filters because I want to capture all the colors, all the hues, and all the things that made that day perfect. I wouldn't be worried too much about the quality of the pictures, too, because OPPO F1s' camera does have light sensitivity capabilities that captures great pictures even in low-light conditions making it very easy and worry-free for us to capture our Valentines moments. 

This is my ideal date. What's yours? 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

OPPO F1s: Travel Essentials

Our family loves hotel staycations. Every summer, we choose a hotel in the metro on where we would want to stay and just relax as a family. Although having staycations sounds easy, it's pretty essential to take note of the things that we need to bring. 

Here are some suggested travel essentials that might help you prepare the things you need especially if you're bringing your whole family with you: 
  1. Prepare your bags. One, two, or even three travel luggages is up to you, but always bring a smaller bag or your usual carry-on bag where you will place your passports, wallet/cash, IDs, and the like. Also bring some plastic bags for dirty clothes and a separate bag for your toiletries.
  2. Bring just enough clothes (including underwear) according to how long you will stay in your destination. Sometimes we prepare our shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, or even our pajamas, but we forget to prepare our underwears which is a funny thing.  If you're going swimming, then don't forget all your swimsuits/rash guards, sun blocks, shades, and the like. Hotels usually provide you towels if you'll go swimming in their pools so no need to bring extra towels.
  3. Bring your deodorants, colognes/perfumes, your favorite shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste, mouthwash,  body wash/soap, lotions (travel size as much as possible), make-ups for the girls, and other items that you use in your daily beauty regimen.

    A separate bag for toiletries
  4.  For those with younger kids, don't forget to bring their diapers, milk formula & bottles, clean bottled water, rash cream, vitamins, and the like. You might need to bring extra sets of clothes for the younger ones just to be sure.
  5. Bring extra slippers. I personally recommend rubber slippers that you can use both indoors and outdoors for convenience. For the ladies, if you don't like flipflops then bring any other shoes that's comfortable for you such as flats, light sandals, etc.
  6. Next is your essential gadgets. We don't bring heavy DSLR cameras because they're too bulky. We just bring our phone cameras and their chargers. Since vacations only happens once a year and they are indeed special, the OPPO F1S is a good choice of camera phone because you can take great pictures day or night thanks to its 16MP front camera and light sensitivity features. You can take wonderful selfie shots wherever, whenever. 

Aside from being known as the "selfie expert," the OPPO F1s can fully support your family's favorite games and applications needed for work (Skype, Viber, and the like) because it's equipped with a 3GB RAM (32GB expandable storage).  It's a great phone to use during those "dead" hours of waiting in the lobby, in the mall, or simply just relaxing inside your hotel room. 

7.  Don’t forget your emergency kit inclusive of Paracetamol, and antihistamine.  You can never tell if someone from your family would be needing some Betadine or alcohol for a cut or bruise.  There’s also an 80% chance that you’ll get a headache from the weather or other reasons so you better have some Paracetamol. It would be a hassle if you were to go out and buy some in a drugstore while you’re having your staycation. Lastly, you can never tell when someone will have their allergy attack. It could be from the dust, from the mattress, etc., so it’s best to have an antihistamine in your bag just in case.

Thank you for reading my list. May you always be happy and safe in your travels. 
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