Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rosegal: Your One-Stop Shop for Plus Size Fashion and More

I’m quite happy to make this blog post because the fashion site that I’m going to feature is for plus-sized women!!! I’d have to say that I’m also part of the plus size family so I’m quite excited to feature this.

So without further ado, the site’s name is called Rosegal. I actually find the name quite cute. So what will you find in Rosagal? All the clothing wear you can think of – swimwear, tops, pants, even accessories, etc. Since it’s the summertime, I would like to share some clothes that are fit for the summer time.

Here are some samples of the summer clothes I saw from Rosegal:

Rosegal outfit

Who says you can’t wear black during summer time? Well, my mom used to say it to me, but that was more than a decade ago. Fashion has truly evolved since then and you can see the nice combination of dark colors in this outfit. I also love the floral design of her skirt. I can definitely wear something like this, especially on a poolside party because I’m a fan of dark-colored clothes. I know I mentioned in my previous blog post that dark-colored clothes absorb heat, but I have faith that this outfit won’t. 

Rosegal bikini

Let’s go the swimsuit round! I chose this bikini picture because it looks gorgeous. I really believe polka dots never go out of style. I mean doesn’t it look sexy and nice? This swimwear just proves that plus-size fashion is really beautiful and fashionable. 

You may click here and see some more fashionable clothes for plus size and for those who are not plus-sized people that fits any time of the year.  

I would love to share more gorgeous photos, but I’ll just let you visit Rosegal’s site so you can see it for yourself. I assure you that their website is definitely a good find. 
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