Monday, February 24, 2020

I Am a Mom and I Am Exposed To Technology

I am a mother of two and a stay-at-home mom. Being a mom is already a given because the title of my blog is “Southbound Mom”. When I think of my mom, I get a picture of a woman who stays at home, who always prepares and cooks dinner for her husband and family, always cleaning  the house, doing the laundry, someone who just keeps the household running and then keeps the man of the house happy. 

Being a Mom in 2020

Now, being a mom myself at the year 2020, I still clean the house, cooks, and make my husband happy, but I am also working at home professionally to help my husband with the household finances. And my work requires me to be familiar with the basic technology such as internet and gadgets such as mobile phones

I Have To Be Connected 24/7

Since I am always on-call and I sometimes me and my family do travel, I was exposed to the benefits of roaming technology. Roaming control is beneficial and profitable for business nowadays since a lot of people rely on their mobile phones primarily for communication, and I am definitely one of those because of work and even for emergencies. Even my sister who often travel abroad always make sure that her roaming service is activated. She also do some research if her destination has good roaming control because she just can’t afford not being reachable. 

I am Exposed to E-commerce and Technology Even at Home 

Even if I spend most of time here at home, I am still exposed to certain e-commerce websites that I find very convenient. For example, if I did not have time to cook, I’d order online. I actually prefer ordering on the restaurant’s website than calling because, first, I can see the menu from their website; second, I can see the prices and do my own computation; third, they offer different payment options and most of the time they also offer more discounts and promos. What I like about it is that every transaction gets recorded unlike doing your transactions through phone. Once my order has been placed, I receive an email for confirmation and I also get a text message for another confirmation that my order has been received and currently being processed which makes SMS API in high demand. 

Mobile Engagement is High 

So it’s already a given that technology does give convenience to people and makes life easier. A single smart phone can do a lot aside from doing calls and texts. I can even do simple work tasks on my phone such as reviewing websites, reading documents, and the like. Plus, you can take it anywhere with you so you can also take pictures and you can play games while drinking your coffee in a coffee shop.  Mobile engagement has significantly increased over the years because of its productivity , multi-tasking features, and convenience. 

Since private businesses and big companies are continuing to develop their technology to please consumers, I surely hope the government would also start doing the same for the public. I sure wish that online applications or online file editions for government IDs are possible for convenience especially for the elderly or even for our disabled citizens. In our city, online application is doable, but you still have to print it out and submit it to a government office for filing which is kind of a hassle. Well, let’s just hope for the best for our future. 


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