Saturday, July 18, 2020

The New Normal Due to COVID19

Yes, the pandemic due to COVID-19 is still on-going and people are still getting infected while I type this blog. It’s actually getting crazy because most people treat the pandemic like it’s nothing. Some people even think that COVID19 is just a hoax which is quite sad because people are actually dying. Because of the continuing rise of infections, it is best that the law should take over. In the Philippines, a "New Normal Law" bill has been passed to enforce strict hygiene and social distancing measures due to the pandemic. People must now face the new normal enforcing the following changes:

Wearing Mask 

COVID19 has infected more than 14 million people worldwide  and it continues to rise because most people still do not follow quarantine rules such as staying at home or simply wearing a mask when going outside. During Spring Break, a lot of youngsters went out to party on beaches, bars and restaurants, and sadly they don’t observe social distancing and/or simply did not wear a mask. Authorities believe that this behavior helped spread Corona virus in the US.  Local government in all states in America strongly encourages people to wear mask and other states such as Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, etc.  have actually issued an executive order requiring people to wear face coverings while in (or waiting outside of) essential businesses. If you’re a store owner and fully implements wearing a mask, but then a customer refuses to wear one, insists on demanding service and eventually hurts you in the process, then you may need a lawyer for personal injury like Doug Healy. Remember, the pandemic is not an excuse to break the law. 


Curfews are being implemented to prevent people from loitering in the streets or shops late at night to prevent the spread of the virus. It also helps bring down crime rate thanks to the police checkpoints and/or police roving around town to inspect loitering individuals. People who work night shifts especially in hospitals are allowed to go out. They simply need to bring their company IDs. Minors or people age below 18 and senior citizens are encouraged to stay indoors. Once you're caught loitering around during curfew hours, then you're off to jail. 

No Talking in Trains

I’m not sure in other countries, but in the Philippines, commuters are encouraged not to talk to each other nor even answer their cellphones while inside the train or in other public transport as a safety measure to prevent the spreading of the virus through droplets from talking. It is also currently being practiced in Singapore and it’s already common etiquette in Japan so they don’t need a mandate for it. 

The Start of Distance Learning

This is probably one of the most challenging changes that had happened during the pandemic. Physical classes has been suspended and distance learning (a.k.a elearning / homeschooling) is currently being practiced. This means parents at home are in charge of assisting their children with their studies plus the materials / gadgets they need to make distance learning possible such as the computer and tablet they should use. Sad to say, this is very challenging for 3rd world countries.
We don’t know how long the pandemic will last, but I really hope this would end soon. We may be in a state of pandemic, but always remember that the law still stands and we must follow it in order to achieve peace and order.  

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