Thursday, October 15, 2020

Home Improvement: Benefits of Plants and Flowers in Your Home

Home improvements seems very popular nowadays especially during the pandemic since a lot of people spend most of their time at home. I, myself, am guilty of this because since I am working at home, naturally I would want my home to be pleasant and organized as possible. Amidst the booming of home improvements, house plants became a hit which is why house plants nowadays which explains the higher price.

House Plant Benefits

Photo from Pexels

Aside from making the house look good, house plants do have its benefits. House plants are good for your health simply because of they give off oxygen and they absorb the carbon dioxide that we, humans, exhale. Studies also show that having plants in your home office increases productivity andmakes people happier (probably because of the oxygen). As for me,  I also have small indoor plants on my desk and whenever my eyes get tired from the long hours of looking at the monitor, I just look at my green babies just to relax my eyes.

Flower Benefits

Flowers I ordered from Flower Chimp
These are flowers I ordered online from a local florist for Mother's Day :)
Flowers never fail to put a smile on your mom's face

Even before house plants became popular, flowers has been popular since the 1800s. When you look around in the city, you’ll find lots and lots of florists. Even now during a pandemic, florists are still visible online. You may just search for the word, “florists” plus your location then you can find the closest florist for you (e.g. new York florist, best Chicago florist, etc. Flowers are a timeless token of appreciation for someone special to you or you can simply put flowers in your home to make it look more beautiful. It is also proven that flowers help improve a person’s mood and aids relaxation. If you’re a beginner or wanted to have a professional decorate your home with flowers and plants, then you are free to do so by contacting florists like PlantShed NYC flowers.

Cactus Benefits

I used to have a cactus at home (a zebra plant) and I placed it in the bathroom. Unfortunately, it died after 2 months because of over-watering so I’ll try to remember that I should probably water it once every 2 or 3 weeks only. That's one lesson for a beginner. Cactus, like other plants, have benefits, too! Aside from making you happy for taking care of a plant, it’s also a good plant of choice to improve air quality in your home. According to an article from Cactusway, “By having cacti plantsinside your house, you could reduce the amount of air impurities by over 50%. Indoor plants can also lower the amount of dust and bacterial buildup in your indoor spaces.” I have to admit after reading that statement, I started looking at cacti online and started browsing for prices (haha!).

I have only written the gist of the benefits of plants and flowers because it might take a whole novel just discussing their benefits. Let me just say that I’m happy that people nowadays are getting back to appreciating plants and flowers even more than ever before because our future  is definitely brighter if we love our plants (and trees) more. 

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