Monday, December 28, 2020

Spoil Yourself This Holiday Season

It was a simple and yet meaning holiday for us this year. But for moms like me, I still work during the holidays at home. Nevertheless,  I still find myself lucky that I still have a job despite the pandemic and I was able to buy my family some gifts. How about you, moms? Did you get yourself a gift this year? Pandemic or not, we really should love ourselves more because if we’re not healthy, our families also suffer. I remember the time when I got a fever, my husband got tired of looking after the kids and as a result, he gets grumpy until he doesn’t have energy to play with them anymore. The kids were also constantly worried about my condition.  They would go to the bedroom every now and then asking if I was feeling better.

After that time, I really didn’t want to get sick again as much as possible. So I really tried to have a healthier lifestyle and eat right. This Christmas, since I was given some cash gift from my mom, I’m planning to buy myself a healthy gift. At first I thought of buying essential oils, but I realized I still have plenty in stock so that’s not a priority. 

I was looking for something that could help my body stay in shape and I came across a very interesting product ,a shapewear bodysuit.  I searched what its purpose is and apparently women wear body suits primarily to have a “tucked in” top without worrying it having un-tucked. I thought to myself I probably don’t need it because I’m working at home. But on second thought, looking good might be a good idea even staying at home especially since I’m married. I don’t want my husband looking at other women online to see something beautiful. So I added this to my cart. It's also good start for me like "new year, new you" kind of thing. 


But then I came across another thing that I thought I would really use even if I’m at home, a waist trainer! There’s plenty of waist trainers around so I tried to find the best waist trainer for me. Since I always sit most of time during the day, I thought this might help my tummy or my belly get smaller somehow. It also looks sexy, don't you think? 


Waist Trainer

I like how it trains the waist and lifts up the bust at the same time. I added this to my cart because it looks like it could really help me with my abdomen and belly. This is the one I'm going to wear when I go out. 


Loverbeauty. Tummy Control Butt Lifter Bodysuit

I also searched for some bestsellers and this is one of them, a skin-toned body suit. I also think this is a must-have because if it's skin-toned then it's not obvious that you're wearing one. It could go well with your clothes without the body suit being seen. Plus, it also lifts  your buttocks so it's a win-win. 

So, moms, it's okay if you spoil yourself sometimes because you deserve it, especially when it comes to taking care of your body. Your body is yours alone and its best that you take care of it because it's the only one we have and it's beautiful. 



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