Wednesday, April 20, 2022

5 Outdoor Play Items That Your Kids Will Enjoy In Your Home

 When we say playtime in this generation, it would often involve playing online games. My 9-year-old daughter would instantly borrow my smartphone and browse some funny videos on Tiktok or YouTube, or play Roblox using her dad's netbook. 

But I did notice some minor things about why my child would resort to online gaming aside from talking to her friends almost instantly. There was a time that all her friends were offline and since she didn't have anything else to do in the house, she still resorts to gaming even if she didn't feel like it. 

So there's the hint there - she didn't have anything else to do! So I thought what did we do back then when we were bored when I was a kid then I suddenly remembered I simply went to the local playground. Unfortunately,  since we're living in a pandemic and there are times I'm not available to take her to the park, why not have your own play area in our own backyard? 

Here are some items I found that might be interesting for you to add to your backyard:

1. Trampoline 

One of the best items you can get for your backyard is to have a durable and big trampoline for kids. Once your kids see a trampoline, it's a guarantee that they'll get excited and would instantly try it out!  Aside from having an awesome time jumping up and down on it, there are also some health benefits that a trampoline could do to your body so it's a win-win for everyone! You can also add some accessories to it to make it more fun like a trampoline slider or some basketball hoops. 

2. Basketball Hoops in Your Own Yard, Patio, or Garage

Basketball in Your Own Yard/Garage/Patio
Basketball hoops

Basketball hoops are very popular for boys and a good addition to your garage, patio, or yard! Just shooting hoops is a fun and healthy way to spend free time for kids and even adults!

I remember that scene from the movie, Reversal of Fortune, where the lawyer was playing basketball with his friends. And in the middle of their casual game, he was able to figure out something about their case. I don't remember much right now, but the point is basketball is also good for your mental and physical health. A durable 7-inch basketball hoop for your home would be a good choice. 

3. Seesaw 

Seesaw for your home

If you want a simpler tool, then you might want to consider having an indoor or outdoor seesaw. This is suitable if you have 2 or more kids at home. 

4. Baseball / Softball Training Net

Baseball / Softball Training Net

If your child is into baseball, softball, or simply wanted to swing a bat with a ball, then this training net is a good idea for your yard to keep him or her busy and away from gadgets. 

5. Playground 

Playground Set

If you want to go all out and buy a whole playground set for your kids then why not? If your yard is big enough to place a playground set then your kids will surely enjoy them during their free time. Your kids will surely enjoy the outdoor fresh air and simply have fun. 

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