Saturday, July 30, 2022

The Beginnings of a Healthier Scalp Start with Aromase


Don’t let the small things get to your head, those that will damage both your hair and scalp. The result would be, well, embarrassing, to say the least.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Skin Savior: Cetaphil Ultra Protect is a Cleanser That Both Intensely Hydrates and Protects Skin


 How you take care of your skin is important, actually more important than you think. Nowadays, cleanliness is the name of the game, but in the rush of cleansing your body, you could be stripping your skin of natural’s moisture.

Do You Need a Shapewear? Reasons Why You Need One

We kept hearing about shapewear for women and its benefits, so do you ever wonder if you need one?

If you’re asking if you need shapewear, it depends on your goals for your body. Shapewears have benefits for one’s body and if you plan on achieving such benefits, then you’ll definitely need them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Five Gen Z-Approved Tips to Create Awesome Content with the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

 Members of Gen Z have a natural talent for content creation because they grew up with technology, and many have gone on to attain enormous renown on various social media platforms. They have displayed their artistic photography on Instagram, their daily lives on YouTube, and their goofy sides on TikTok. Numerous people have achieved viral popularity with dancing competitions, funny skits, or mini-vlogs, demonstrating how innovative and skilled this generation is at producing content.

Although Gen Z seems to have an intrinsic talent and desire for content production, leveling up on social media is still a competitive game. Here are a few suggestions to assist you to keep up with the times by using a dependable smartphone that is loaded with features that will undoubtedly encourage everyone to produce even more fantastic content.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Jollibee Group and Yoshinoya International Hold Partnership Ceremony


The Jollibee Group and Yoshinoya International hailed its partnership in a ceremony that culminated in a beef bowl toast led by Jollibee Group President & CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong (front row, 3rd from left), Asia Yoshinoya CEO Tetsuya Naruse (front row, 4th from left), Jollibee Group President for Philippine Business Joseph Tanbuntiong (front row, 2ndfrom left), and Jollibee Group Chief Real Estate and Design Officer William Tan Untiong (back row, 3rd from left).

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