Monday, September 19, 2011

Myrna Farinas' Hair Rebonding Treatment Experience

It was a spur-of-the-moment decision when I bought the deal from Twangoo about Myrna Farinas' Rebonding treatment (any length) + Matrix Biolage for only P999. I bought it right away thinking that my hair seriously needed some treatment and the price is 50% off. To be honest, I will not do this again. Well, at least not from this salon. Why? Don't get me wrong. I'm quite happy with my hair because it is indeed straighter and softer now, but here are 2 reasons why I won't it again:

1.) Location. The salon was in Makati and I live Paranaque. I know this isn't a big deal to a lot of people, but it is to me. I left the house at 8am knowing that I'd be home around 2 or 3pm, but I was wrong. The treatment started at 9am and ended at 5:30pm so I went home when it was already dark. I had to wait for the shuttle bound to P'que for an easier commute. It's a big deal to me because my 4-year-old son whom I left at home kept asking my hubby, my mom or my siblings where I am. I'm also not used to leaving him at home that long. It's definitely not worth spending the whole day with. And worse, my husband wasn't able to sleep because he stayed up all day watching my son and he had work that night at 11:30PM. *Sigh*

The irony is after I bought the deal, another hair rebonding deal came up and it was located in Paranaque - just walking distance near our home! *sigh*

Lesson: never buy a deal that's too far from you + wait a little longer for the best deal that might pop up online that's convenient for you.

2.) I didn't call the parlor if a slot was available. I bought the deal first before I could call them. So what happened was when I called them last August 5, I was able to reserve a slot on Sept. 10. They were always fully booked because of their deal. *sigh* So I had to wait a month before I could avail it.

Bottom line is I could have gotten the same, or better yet, a better hair treatment promo that's near our home. I even saw a hair rebonding package that offers a free meal. At first, I didn't know why would they offer a free meal. Well, now I know.

3.) The woman who was assigned to me for the treatment kept tending to other customers while I'm waiting and losing precious time. I think the treatment could have ended an hour earlier if someone helped her.  Unlike other parlors who will ask for 2 people at the same time to tend to you to dry your hair fast or to iron your hair faster if needed, in this parlor, only one will tend to you. I can't blame them because everyone is so busy with their own customers who also availed of the promo. They can't even entertain walk-ins because they're just so busy.  *sigh*

Here are some pics of the parlor:

I was the 2nd earliest customer and there was no one there except for one customer from Laguna who's earlier than me and salon's "shampoo guy."

Per readers' request, this is a photo of me after getting my hair rebonded:

Sorry! This is the only pic I could find.

Myrna Farinas Salon

7870 Villa Building, Makati Avenue, Makati City
Contact No.: 890-0678

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elizalde Pre-school: My Son's First School

There are sooo many pre-schools you can find inside BF Homes, Paranaque. There are those like Southville Pre-school, Mindbuilders Pre-school, Prep Camp, and a whole lot more ; not to mention those Montessori schools.

So how did I know about Elizalde Preschool? Not even the tricycle drivers know about it, though. Well, it's simple: we always enter the Elizalde Gate whenever we enter BF Homes so we always see the big and colorful "Elizalde Preschool" sign whenever we pass by it.

Since my son is turning 4 this September, it is written in the books of kopong-kopong that at this age, we need to send the child to school. At first, I was nervous for my child because it will be the first time for him to go to school and see lots of kids. So I decided to enroll him for a 2-week summer school in Elizalde Preschool "para hindi siya ma-shock" when the school year starts.

The school actually looked like a house that they turned into a school so I'd say it looked kind of homey :)

They have toys and lots of books.

They have complete paperwork and, yes, they are Dep-Ed (Department of Education) accredited :) I called Dep-Ed myself and confirmed it.

So April of 2011, right after Holy Week, their 2-hour a day summer class started. We, the parents, were allowed to watch during class until our son is comfortable being left alone. There were 5 kids enrolled in summer class so it was a pretty small class. Teacher Carmen was teaching the class and she had 2 assistants who assists the children's needs - be it assistance to writing,  assistance to preparing the kids' snacks, assistance to go to the bathroom, everything.  I'm new to this set up because I remember back when I was in nursery, we had 1 teacher and we had to do everything - open our baon, clean up, go to the comfort room, etc. Well, I guess time has changed.

Yes, those scissors are dangerous. Teacher Carmen said do not play nor touch the scissor and everyone did not touch them. Kids are such angels!

The first week was great. My son enjoyed the company of his new friend/s. In fact, in day 4, we already left him before class. Unfortunately, my son was not able to attend the 2nd week of the class because of Tonsillitis. He resumed his 2nd week during the 2nd batch of their summer classes last May.

Yes, classes has started and the school is still accepting students for the school year. There are 7 students in my son's nursery class. Their schedule is 11:30AM-2:00PM. The school requires them to wear their Elizalde shirts from Monday-Thursday and Friday is wash day (casual). It is strongly suggested that the students wear pants (maong, jogging pants, etc.) and rubber shoes during class. It was a big plus for me because my son hates wearing shorts for some reason. :(

They offer traditional method of teaching. So far, I don't see any problem with it for my son.

Another reason why I chose the school, other than the tuition, is because of the location. It's quite near our house so whenever I go home from the school or fetch my son, I just walk. And when I'm with my son, we wait for a tricycle to go to and from school. I don't need a school bus.

Annual Fee: 43,890

Upon enrollment: P23,100
November: P23,100

Upon enrollment: 20,000
August, October, November, and February: 6,750

Upon enrollment: 20,000
July to March: 3,120

**tuition fees include books and school supplies and miscellaneous. School shirts not included.

Elizalde Pre-School for Right Beginners
88 Elizalde St., BF Homes, Paranaque

( 3/26/2012 ) UPDATE: Elizalde Pre-school has moved to a new address in BF Homes. I'll post the address here after I've verified where it is.

If you want to know what school my son went to after Elizalde, click here for my blog about Veritas Pre-School. 

For more education links, may I also suggest you check out, an education resource page.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Son's First Visit to the Dentist

My son is 3 years old and I'm starting to notice a blackish spot on one of his molars so I began to worry. That's the time my husband and I decided to take him to a pedia dentist. We decided to take him to Abesamis Dental Clinic in Festival Mall, Alabang for a dental check up and cleaning.

The office had a mini playground at the waiting area. My son's dentist was Dra. Pam Abesamis-Villanueva. When we entered her office, there were lots of dolls, toys, and Disney posters everywhere so the child can feel at home.  I also have no complains with Dra. Pam because she was very good. Whenever we have questions, she answers them and then elaborates when needed.

I'm very happy that my son did not shout nor cried in the dental office. Dra. Pam even said that it's a good thing that we didn't wait for the teeth to rot before visiting because it would have been a painful experience for my son. Thank God for that.

To make the visit more enjoyable for the child, they have a small LCD screen where my son watched Thomas & Friends while his teeth were being cleaned.

Because of my son's good behavior, Dra. even gave him a free toy that my son really loved.  He's even excited for his next visit so that he can get another toy. :P

Good dental hygiene for kids is very important and a child is never too young to introduce him to it. Let's not wait for him to have bad teeth to visit the dentist to prevent him from having a traumatic experience.

Consultation and cleaning costs P1550.

Abesamis Dental Clinic
4007-C 4th Level
Festiavl Supermall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel. 771-2001

Sunday, April 24, 2011

SM Southmall Sale until May 1, 2011

 My family and I went to SM Southmall yesterday ( yes, they're open on Black Saturday) to buy some pants and shoes for my son to prepare him for summer school. This is what we saw at the mall:

Better come to SM Southmall's Department store and shop for your child's needs in school while they're on sale and to avoid the rush.
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