Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elizalde Pre-school: My Son's First School

There are sooo many pre-schools you can find inside BF Homes, Paranaque. There are those like Southville Pre-school, Mindbuilders Pre-school, Prep Camp, and a whole lot more ; not to mention those Montessori schools.

So how did I know about Elizalde Preschool? Not even the tricycle drivers know about it, though. Well, it's simple: we always enter the Elizalde Gate whenever we enter BF Homes so we always see the big and colorful "Elizalde Preschool" sign whenever we pass by it.

Since my son is turning 4 this September, it is written in the books of kopong-kopong that at this age, we need to send the child to school. At first, I was nervous for my child because it will be the first time for him to go to school and see lots of kids. So I decided to enroll him for a 2-week summer school in Elizalde Preschool "para hindi siya ma-shock" when the school year starts.

The school actually looked like a house that they turned into a school so I'd say it looked kind of homey :)

They have toys and lots of books.

They have complete paperwork and, yes, they are Dep-Ed (Department of Education) accredited :) I called Dep-Ed myself and confirmed it.

So April of 2011, right after Holy Week, their 2-hour a day summer class started. We, the parents, were allowed to watch during class until our son is comfortable being left alone. There were 5 kids enrolled in summer class so it was a pretty small class. Teacher Carmen was teaching the class and she had 2 assistants who assists the children's needs - be it assistance to writing,  assistance to preparing the kids' snacks, assistance to go to the bathroom, everything.  I'm new to this set up because I remember back when I was in nursery, we had 1 teacher and we had to do everything - open our baon, clean up, go to the comfort room, etc. Well, I guess time has changed.

Yes, those scissors are dangerous. Teacher Carmen said do not play nor touch the scissor and everyone did not touch them. Kids are such angels!

The first week was great. My son enjoyed the company of his new friend/s. In fact, in day 4, we already left him before class. Unfortunately, my son was not able to attend the 2nd week of the class because of Tonsillitis. He resumed his 2nd week during the 2nd batch of their summer classes last May.

Yes, classes has started and the school is still accepting students for the school year. There are 7 students in my son's nursery class. Their schedule is 11:30AM-2:00PM. The school requires them to wear their Elizalde shirts from Monday-Thursday and Friday is wash day (casual). It is strongly suggested that the students wear pants (maong, jogging pants, etc.) and rubber shoes during class. It was a big plus for me because my son hates wearing shorts for some reason. :(

They offer traditional method of teaching. So far, I don't see any problem with it for my son.

Another reason why I chose the school, other than the tuition, is because of the location. It's quite near our house so whenever I go home from the school or fetch my son, I just walk. And when I'm with my son, we wait for a tricycle to go to and from school. I don't need a school bus.

Annual Fee: 43,890

Upon enrollment: P23,100
November: P23,100

Upon enrollment: 20,000
August, October, November, and February: 6,750

Upon enrollment: 20,000
July to March: 3,120

**tuition fees include books and school supplies and miscellaneous. School shirts not included.

Elizalde Pre-School for Right Beginners
88 Elizalde St., BF Homes, Paranaque

( 3/26/2012 ) UPDATE: Elizalde Pre-school has moved to a new address in BF Homes. I'll post the address here after I've verified where it is.

If you want to know what school my son went to after Elizalde, click here for my blog about Veritas Pre-School. 

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