Monday, April 25, 2016

PR: Eau Thermale Avene Exhibit Takes SM AURA By Storm

Last March 14-20, SM Aura Premier held its Beauty Fair that features your favorite beauty brands at awesome and discounted prices. The week-long exhibit was highlighted by a weekend sale that gave shoppers as high as 70% discount.

Eau Thermale Avène, the leading dermo-cosmetic brand in Europe, can be considered the star of the show as its booth was the busiest. Avene exhibited its various line of skin care that ranges from Sun Care, Hypersensitive, Skin Care, Cleanance, Essentials, Dry Skin and Anti-Aging. The booth was accented by a posh flower wall design that acted as a photo wall for all visitors.

Other main attractions include free facial, skin analysis and derma consultation done by board-certified dermatologists. Shoppers including beauty and lifestyle bloggers Krish Enrique-Rai and Edward Santos visited the booth and checked out Avene’s products.
“When I was invited in an Avene event that happened in Salon Beauvoir, I had the chance to check out the product and was so impressed about the results. Since then, I became a fan of Avene” said beauty blogger Krish Enrique-Rai, blogger of Bonita Feminista.
Lifestyle blogger Edward Santos also shared the same experience with Avene. “I was introduced to Avene late last year when I reviewed the Avene Cleanance. I love the product and I immediately got hooked. That is why when I learned about this exhibit, I knew I had to be here so I can also check out Avene’s other product line” shared Santos, lifestyle blogger,

The week-long exhibit also featured an Instaroid photo box where Avene booth visitors enjoyed using this latest technology where guests gets to instantly print their smartphone pictures.

“We thank all our loyal customers for supporting our activities. We look forward to do more events so that our market can be able to experience Avene’s wide range of beauty products in a most memorable and fun way. We are now preparing for a special summer event happening in the beautiful island of Boracay and we expect everyone who will attend the annual Laboracay festivities to visit our booth. We will exhibit our latest product, Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Solaire SPF50, so you can enjoy the summer sun without breaking out .” said Harry Tsai, the General Manager of Karihome Inc. official distributor of Avène products here in the Philippines.

For the latest update on Eau Thermale Avene, visit the official Facebook page and like

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Musician's Friend: Your One-Stop Online Musical Instruments Store

Looking for high quality musical instruments? No need to travel far because Musician’s Friend is here to give you all your musical needs. Musician’s Friend is an online store selling lots of musical instruments.  They also got an extensive list of musical parts, accessories, sound systems, and other musical items you can choose from. They’ve got ukulele, electric guitar, bass,  keyboards, audio condensers, amplifiers, and a whole lot more. They also offer packages and discounts. Check out their website to see More.  

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beat the Heat by Avoiding These Summer Skincare Mistakes

This coming summer is looking to be a hot one, which means many of us will likely head to the beach to cool off. If you're not careful, however, you could get more than just sand, sea, and sun.

Protect your skin against the sweltering heat this summer by being prepared and informed. Start by getting to know and avoiding these all too common summer skincare mistakes.

Neglecting Proper Sunscreen Use
Sunscreen should be an important part of your summer skincare routine, but many of us do away with it for various reasons. For some, it's expensive, it doesn't feel good on the skin, or it's not practical if you're not planning to stay under the sun for a long time.

First off, not all sunscreen lotions are expensive. These may be a bit pricier compared to ordinary lotions, but the purchase is worth it. Many sunscreens on the market are also formulated for quick skin absorption, which does away with the sticky residual feeling. Dermplus sunscreens, for example, provide excellent skin protection from the sun, features a quick absorb formula, and comes in different variants and sizes depending on your need and skin type.

One important thing many people don't know is that  you can get sunburn even when indoors. UV light can penetrate through glass windows, which means even if you are at home or in the office and you happen to be next to a window, you still are exposed.
Make it a habit to use Dermplus to all exposed areas of the body every day, especially this summer.

Ignoring Dead Skin Cells
The sun and sand may feel good on your feet, but these can damage the skin. Be sure to exfoliate your skin before hitting the beach. Removing the dead skin cells allow for the growth of new, healthy cells, which makes the skin smoother and feeling softer.
Exfoliation also allows the sunblock and other skincare products to be more effective, as it can go deeper into the skin.

Relying on Clothes Alone for Sun Protection
Our summer outfits are often light, airy, and colorful. This, however, could mean your skin (even the non-exposed parts) does not get enough protection.
The sando, the sun dress, or that light summery polo shirt provide very little protection against the sun. For this, it's best to sunscreen it up all over, and maybe even getting clothes with built-in sun protection.

Getting Dehydrated
Dehydration not only causes headaches and extreme thirst, it also causes the skin to dry out. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or non-sugary, non-caffeinated beverages. This balances the body and skin's moisture levels.

Ignoring that Sunburn
If you really can't stay away from the heat and the sun for a long time, be sure to soothe the skin as soon as possible.The Dermplus Aftersun Hydrating Body Gel is very effective in soothing the skin, reducing inflammation and redness, and preventing peeling. The sooner you deal with the sun damage on the skin, the better.Make this summer fun and safe not just for the family or the barkada, but for your skin as well.

About Dermplus
Dermplus is a quality brand by JLC Miller & Co. Inc. The product line includes different sunscreen variants as well as moisturizing and cooling gels.JLC Miller & Co. Inc. is an ISO-certified company that created for a number of trusted hair and skincare products. Know more about the products by visiting and their official facebook page.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Novuhair Launches Enhanced Formulation

Topical scalp lotion boasts of 19 natural ingredients.

Say goodbye to hair loss and scalp problems with the newly-enhanced formulation of Novuhair.  With 19 natural ingredients, the leading medicated topical scalp lotion is now almost 100% natural. 

“The Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion used to only have 12 natural ingredients. Its improved formulation has a much better fragrance and a cool and minty feel. It also has anti-dandruff properties, as well as nourishing and moisturizing effects on the hair and scalp,” said Sheila Mae Velilla, CEO of Nutramedica, developer and distributor of Novuhair. 

Aside from producing a more effective solution for hair growth, the changes were necessary to make the product 100% compliant to the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD). 

“Nature has provided a safe and effective answer to hair loss and scalp disorders with Novuhair. It is the only topical scalp lotion in the market that has the highest concentration of natural ingredients, FDA-certified and ACD-compliant. Novuhair is a homegrown, proudly Philippine-made product that is globally competitive. ” added Velilla.

Made of herbal ingredients that include moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, virgin coconut oil and the natural essences of rosemary and peppermint, Novuhair nourishes the scalp and hair by increasing the flow of nutrients and improving blood circulation to the scalp. Novuhair also helps hydrate the scalp, maintain the hair’s natural luster and prevent early hair graying, hair dryness and itching. 

Nutramedica is going global and will start shipping Novuhair to the USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia. The first batch of shipment to the USA will be available in California by second quarter of 2016. The company has obtained partnership with a distributor in Kuwait, and is currently facilitating product registration in Denmark.

Novuhair has been awarded by Watsons Philippines as the Most Successful New Brand of the Year in 2012 and has been recognized as the leading Medicated Hair Care Brand from 2012 to 2015. Just recently, they introduced Filipino music icon Gary Valenciano as their latest endorser.

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are available in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information visit, like the brand’s official Facebook Page at Novuhair Official, and follow it on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural. You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online at Lazada and

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Great Summer Calls for Great Photos

Photographs are considered as integral part of man’s existence since its inception back in the 1800’s. A breakthrough that gave a portraitist and its subject time saving and an ease to a consistently excruciating pose to achieve such perfection of a desired imagery.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Summer time is Soccer Time! What to Bring to Soccer Practice

As of today, summer time has started for my 8-year-old son because his soccer summer program has officially begun.

Arrived early on site. Got a little bit excited there. :)  More free play for them.

Enrollment going on. 

After more than an hour, they have started.

Lots of girls this year. Good job!

Soccer is really fun and exciting, but there are some things that we should take note to maximize each soccer session. Here are some (suggested) essentials to bring to every soccer practice based on my experience:

  1. Sunblock lotion. Before the game, apply kid-friendly sunblock lotion to your child when he's exposed to direct sunlight during the game. It wouldn't hurt if we protect them from harmful sun rays especially sessions that are from 9AM to 11AM. I do suggest the less sticky ones. The only brand that my kid has tried that's not so sticky on the skin is Cetaphil's Daylong SPF50 for kids.
  2. Water. Always bring at least 2 liters of water because your child would really get thirsty. Extra snacks would be good, too. Invest on a good water jug brand like Rubbermaid because I bought a cheaper water jug and what happens is that whenever we drink from its nozzle, water drops just keeps falling out of the lid which is quite an inconvenience. We just drink from the jug itself by removing the lid.
  3. Mat or Foldable chair. Just in case there are no seats in the park or field, it's best if you bring your own mat or chair so you can watch comfortably while your kid/s play. It's much better than standing up. Last year, I observed that some families took advantage of the moment by having a picnic under a tree as they watch their kid play, which was nice.

    I guarantee you, your kids will want to eat ice cream during soccer practice once they hear the ice cream bell
  4. Money. Of course, it's essential to bring some extra money along because there would always be someone selling ice cream, juice, or even fish ball on the side, and your kids would probably show you those "puppy eyes" so you could buy them what they want. Of course, we don't want to break their heart :P Just be prepared because in my case, the ice cream guy sells ice cream double the actual price. Geez. 
  5. Extra clothes and extra face towels. It is guaranteed that kids would get sweaty after each soccer session so let us not forget these essentials. 
  6. Travel-size soap and/or alcohol, Betadine, band-aid, and cotton. You can never tell when your child will get bruised during soccer practice so when that happens, it's best if  you're equipped.  
  7. Camera. We don't want to miss those "goal" moments, don't we? :) Plus, we can never tell if a guest star or guest player will show up at a soccer practice so it's better if we always have our cameras ready. 
  8. Mommies & daddies, wear your most comfortable shoes and clothes. You really wouldn't want to wear high heels on the field. It's best to wear rubber shoes because I wore slippers once and dirt just keeps sticking between my toes. Oh, bring a cap or umbrella, too, because the weather can be very unpredictable.
  9. Lastly, have fun! Enjoy your time with your family.
Thanks for reading! If you have more suggestions, please write them down on the comments section below.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Zoomanity Group Theme Parks

Who doesn't love FUN and EXCITEMENT? Let Zoomanity Group Theme Parks spell them for you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Facebook Joins Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2016

On May 27, 2016 at SMX Convention Center, Taguig, Philippines from 8AM to 6PM, Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2016 #AdMe2016 will happen and this time with Lianne Dehaye who manages the Southeast Asia Small & Medium Business team, focusing on Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. She has been with Facebook for three years and is currently leading the Account Management program within Asia-Pacific. She has been working in the online advertising industry for almost 10 years and has in-depth knowledge of search marketing, brand solutions and web analytics.

What is Cervical Cancer and How To Prevent It

Cervical cancer is still one of the top killers of women in PH

Greater awareness is still needed to curb this preventable disease

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Only Few Slots are Available at Asia Digital Marketing Conference 2016

Asia Digital Marketing Conference/Expo is fast approaching and slots are limited now and will be on May 27, 2016 at SMX Convention Center, Taguig from 8AM to 6PM with the following case studies and round table discussions;

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