Saturday, April 9, 2016

Summer time is Soccer Time! What to Bring to Soccer Practice

As of today, summer time has started for my 8-year-old son because his soccer summer program has officially begun.

Arrived early on site. Got a little bit excited there. :)  More free play for them.

Enrollment going on. 

After more than an hour, they have started.

Lots of girls this year. Good job!

Soccer is really fun and exciting, but there are some things that we should take note to maximize each soccer session. Here are some (suggested) essentials to bring to every soccer practice based on my experience:

  1. Sunblock lotion. Before the game, apply kid-friendly sunblock lotion to your child when he's exposed to direct sunlight during the game. It wouldn't hurt if we protect them from harmful sun rays especially sessions that are from 9AM to 11AM. I do suggest the less sticky ones. The only brand that my kid has tried that's not so sticky on the skin is Cetaphil's Daylong SPF50 for kids.
  2. Water. Always bring at least 2 liters of water because your child would really get thirsty. Extra snacks would be good, too. Invest on a good water jug brand like Rubbermaid because I bought a cheaper water jug and what happens is that whenever we drink from its nozzle, water drops just keeps falling out of the lid which is quite an inconvenience. We just drink from the jug itself by removing the lid.
  3. Mat or Foldable chair. Just in case there are no seats in the park or field, it's best if you bring your own mat or chair so you can watch comfortably while your kid/s play. It's much better than standing up. Last year, I observed that some families took advantage of the moment by having a picnic under a tree as they watch their kid play, which was nice.

    I guarantee you, your kids will want to eat ice cream during soccer practice once they hear the ice cream bell
  4. Money. Of course, it's essential to bring some extra money along because there would always be someone selling ice cream, juice, or even fish ball on the side, and your kids would probably show you those "puppy eyes" so you could buy them what they want. Of course, we don't want to break their heart :P Just be prepared because in my case, the ice cream guy sells ice cream double the actual price. Geez. 
  5. Extra clothes and extra face towels. It is guaranteed that kids would get sweaty after each soccer session so let us not forget these essentials. 
  6. Travel-size soap and/or alcohol, Betadine, band-aid, and cotton. You can never tell when your child will get bruised during soccer practice so when that happens, it's best if  you're equipped.  
  7. Camera. We don't want to miss those "goal" moments, don't we? :) Plus, we can never tell if a guest star or guest player will show up at a soccer practice so it's better if we always have our cameras ready. 
  8. Mommies & daddies, wear your most comfortable shoes and clothes. You really wouldn't want to wear high heels on the field. It's best to wear rubber shoes because I wore slippers once and dirt just keeps sticking between my toes. Oh, bring a cap or umbrella, too, because the weather can be very unpredictable.
  9. Lastly, have fun! Enjoy your time with your family.
Thanks for reading! If you have more suggestions, please write them down on the comments section below.

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