Monday, December 28, 2020

Spoil Yourself This Holiday Season

It was a simple and yet meaning holiday for us this year. But for moms like me, I still work during the holidays at home. Nevertheless,  I still find myself lucky that I still have a job despite the pandemic and I was able to buy my family some gifts. How about you, moms? Did you get yourself a gift this year? Pandemic or not, we really should love ourselves more because if we’re not healthy, our families also suffer. I remember the time when I got a fever, my husband got tired of looking after the kids and as a result, he gets grumpy until he doesn’t have energy to play with them anymore. The kids were also constantly worried about my condition.  They would go to the bedroom every now and then asking if I was feeling better.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Can I Afford to Buy a House?

Can I afford to buy a house?
Not really my ideal house, but it's close enough. Picture from Pixabay

Yes, yes, I know. It's Christmas and buying a house is probably the last thing our minds right now. But I'm actually thinking in advance for next year or the next. I am middle-aged woman of 39 and yet I still don’t have a home on my own. I’m actually still living with my relatives and that’s quite normal in my country. But still, having a husband and kids of my own, I still yearn for a home that I can call our own home. It’s still different when you’re free to do what you want and there’s no eyes looking at you.

Sometimes I would look at houses in our area and I get inspired to get homes like theirs because theirs are so beautiful and they look cozy. But having the salary that I currently have right now which is way below minimum compared to US rates, I don’t think I can own a home any time soon. So I thought of having a job offering a higher salary. There was a time in life and probably even now, I still wonder what kind of job does it take for me to afford something like a house or a car. I initially thought maybe only high income jobs like doctors or only laywers can afford good houses.  

So I looked in the internet on the keywords, “can I afford to buy a house.” I wound up at Investopia’s article about being ready to buy ahouse. There were two questions raised there; one is am I ready to buy a house and second is how much can I afford. The second question is the tricky and hard one. My answer to the first question is yes, but the second one is something I have to solve first.

So I searched again on tools on how to buy a house in my current salary. I came across an online mortgage calculator and I was fascinated by its simple features. There I placed the price of the dream house I wanted which is priced at $127,000.  I pressed “calculate” and then voila! To be able to buy my dream house, I need to have a job that gives me an annual salary of $29,638, which is, sad to say, an executive position already in our country. 

After giving it much thought, it’s either I  educate myself again and get certified to get a high-paying job or stay in my current job and get a side job like blogging, writing, or sell some goods (e.g. buy and sell). According to an article from Bloomberg, we really need to set a strategy when buying a home.  Aside from the selling price of the house, expect additional costs to be paid and location is also important because it will really affect our daily lifestyle including our daily costs, more specifically transportation costs.   That’s something I’d have to discuss with my husband and probably he’d give me some insights to help me decide on what direction I should go to. Maybe if we combine our salaries, that could work also.

So are we ready? Yes. How much are we willing to pay for it? Definitely less than my ideal home, but it's still under discussion. The pandemic has really hit us hard financially and I know it's not the right time to find a home, or is it? Hopefully, I could post a future article that discusses on the step by step process we would undertake on buying a house so I can share with our experience. 

Comments or suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Benefits of Retractable Window Screens

If you’ve been thinking about adding window screens to your home, you’re already headed in the right direction. These provide a handful of excellent benefits and will decrease the amount of heat that enters your home, thus helping cut down on your monthly energy bill! Have you ever heard of or seen retractable window screens? These are similar to traditional outdoor screens but are installed on the interior of the window. When you want to take advantage of open windows, simply pull these screens down. When you’re finished, slide them back up into the housing. Here are a few other benefits of retractable window screens that might be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

1. Cuts Down on Daytime Glare

Do you have windows that receive an uncomfortable amount of sunlight during the day? It can make rooms incredibly warm and difficult to be in for extended amounts of time. Maybe your living room heats up mid-afternoon, causing you to run your air conditioning all day long just to keep your home comfortable. This can get expensive! With retractable window screens, you can use them as needed to minimize both glare and unwanted heat. When the sun sets on your home, you can pull your window screens down to block out a large percentage of the heat. You’ll be able to enjoy rooms in a whole new way without the need to crank down your air conditioning. Once installed, you’ll notice a stark difference on your monthly energy bill!

2. Enhanced Indoor Privacy

Retractable window screens will allow you to have privacy whenever you’d like. Instead of outdoor window screens constantly blocking your view, you can enjoy a fully clear view when you’re in the room and then use your retractable screens to ward off outsiders looking in. They’re perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and virtually any other room in your home that strangers or curious neighbors could peer into. You will have visibility looking out, but those outside will be unable to see in.

3. Insect Prevention

If you’re constantly dealing with mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other pests, having open windows may seem like it’s simply not possible. Retractable window screens can make that possibility a reality! They do a great job of blocking out insects so you can enjoy the fresh air, sounds, and sights of your back or front yard. Essentially, these window screens help you take back control of how you use your windows!

4. Full, Clear View When Desired

Traditional outdoor screens are notorious for obscuring the view when looking out. You’ve probably looked out of a window and been met with unsightly screen blocking your full view. Luckily, there is a better choice! When you want a full and clear view of your backyard pool, garden, the kids playing, or whatever else, retractable window screens are very ideal. Slide them up and you’ll have a crystal clear view with no screen wire in the way. You get the best of both worlds with retractable window screens! 

5. Long-Lasting in Comparison to Outdoor Screens

Because they aren’t designed for 24/7 use, retractable window screens will have a longer lifespan than traditional outdoor screens. They won’t be susceptible to the elements and are kept safe in the screen housing when not in use. Often times outdoor screens wear down after years of rain, wind, UV rays from the sun, and insect damage. You will end up replacing these much earlier than retractable screens. While they may seem more expensive up front, the convenience and longevity of retractable window screens makes them worthwhile! 

If view, lifespan, convenience, and privacy are important must-haves in your search for window screens, retractable screens will be the right fit for you. Generally, they can be customized to complement your home and are easy to install without the need of a professional. Since these can be used all throughout your home, they can really make a huge difference in the comfort level, so everyone feels good (not hot and uncomfortable). If you’ve only had traditional outdoor window screens or never had them at all, retractable screens will be a total game changer! There when you need them, out of sight when you don’t. What’s not to love? Retractable window screens are worth the investment!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

NOVUHAIR Petite Conversations with Cory Quirino

Love yourself just a little bit better. Be more aware. Be more diligent in choosing products that you will embrace as part of your health and beauty care. That’s the first step. But how? NOVUHAIR ® , nature’s answer to hair loss, partners with the country’s Health, Beauty & Wellness Icon Ms. Cory Quirino in spreading the brand’s advocacy campaign and reaching out to more Filipinos around the world in celebration of its 10th successful year in the market. Look good, feel good!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Simple Health Tips You Can Do at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has really put a halt to our normal lifestyle especially the gyms and other recreations. But even if there’s a pandemic, health-buff people are still finding ways to stay healthy despite the pandemic and most of their activities are held indoors. I admit I’m one of the lazy people around when it comes to exercise because after working, I wanted to simply just rest and sleep.  But doing so makes me weak and I started to feel numbness on my arms and legs.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

NOVUHAIR Petite: Less is more


The reality of adhering to the different pandemic-related health protocols until this global health crisis is under control while slowly relaxing the expansive social restrictions to bootup the economy refers to our “new normal”.

Friday, October 30, 2020

NOVUHAIR Celebrates 10.10

2020 marks the 10th successful year of NOVUHAIR in the Philippines and what a better way to celebrate this milestone by launching the NOVU VIP CLUB.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Hair Might be Falling Out

Losing up to 100 strands of hair every day is normal. If your hair starts to shed more significant than usual, or if they do not grow back as they should, it can be a source of concern. Once the cause is detected, hair fall remedy or baldness cure for hair loss treatment can be easier.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

FREE Extra NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo Exclusive at Watsons


Along with the ongoing threat of this pandemic health crisis comes, one has to adapt to the new normal that affects everything and everyone. Despite the urgency of reopening businesses for economic reasons, the majority of the Filipinos are still forced to stay at home with uncertainty.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Common Car Problems We Experienced from Our Car


Auto Lift

We used to have a second-hand car and we were happy because it was our very first family car. I believe it was a Mazda Familia 323 2007 model. My husband was confident he could fix its issues because he used to be an auto mechanic. But there are just some things that even an mechanic couldn't fix by himself. There were plenty of times we needed to bring our car to a repair shop. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Home Improvement: Benefits of Plants and Flowers in Your Home

Home improvements seems very popular nowadays especially during the pandemic since a lot of people spend most of their time at home. I, myself, am guilty of this because since I am working at home, naturally I would want my home to be pleasant and organized as possible. Amidst the booming of home improvements, house plants became a hit which is why house plants nowadays which explains the higher price.

House Plant Benefits

Photo from Pexels

Aside from making the house look good, house plants do have its benefits. House plants are good for your health simply because of they give off oxygen and they absorb the carbon dioxide that we, humans, exhale. Studies also show that having plants in your home office increases productivity andmakes people happier (probably because of the oxygen). As for me,  I also have small indoor plants on my desk and whenever my eyes get tired from the long hours of looking at the monitor, I just look at my green babies just to relax my eyes.

Flower Benefits

Flowers I ordered from Flower Chimp
These are flowers I ordered online from a local florist for Mother's Day :)
Flowers never fail to put a smile on your mom's face

Even before house plants became popular, flowers has been popular since the 1800s. When you look around in the city, you’ll find lots and lots of florists. Even now during a pandemic, florists are still visible online. You may just search for the word, “florists” plus your location then you can find the closest florist for you (e.g. new York florist, best Chicago florist, etc. Flowers are a timeless token of appreciation for someone special to you or you can simply put flowers in your home to make it look more beautiful. It is also proven that flowers help improve a person’s mood and aids relaxation. If you’re a beginner or wanted to have a professional decorate your home with flowers and plants, then you are free to do so by contacting florists like PlantShed NYC flowers.

Cactus Benefits

I used to have a cactus at home (a zebra plant) and I placed it in the bathroom. Unfortunately, it died after 2 months because of over-watering so I’ll try to remember that I should probably water it once every 2 or 3 weeks only. That's one lesson for a beginner. Cactus, like other plants, have benefits, too! Aside from making you happy for taking care of a plant, it’s also a good plant of choice to improve air quality in your home. According to an article from Cactusway, “By having cacti plantsinside your house, you could reduce the amount of air impurities by over 50%. Indoor plants can also lower the amount of dust and bacterial buildup in your indoor spaces.” I have to admit after reading that statement, I started looking at cacti online and started browsing for prices (haha!).

I have only written the gist of the benefits of plants and flowers because it might take a whole novel just discussing their benefits. Let me just say that I’m happy that people nowadays are getting back to appreciating plants and flowers even more than ever before because our future  is definitely brighter if we love our plants (and trees) more. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Shapewear for Working Moms

I have been working at home for years now even before the pandemic happened and that means I sit down on a chair for long hours during the day. Now this kind of lifestyle negatively affects my body and one of the things that I get to notice is that my belly and thighs are getting bigger, as well as back pains. 

Now, I’ve tried buying ergonomic chairs to support my back and it really helped. But still, my belly and my thighs feel like they’re getting bigger every day and my skin on those areas are being stretched.  That’s the time I searched for something that could help remedy the problem (aside from exercise).

In a post from Eyes on Manila blog discussing shapewear and its benefits to plus-size women, it was discussed how it helps curve the body nicely while wearing a dress. But I didn’t realize at that time that we can actually use body shaping lingerie while we work or in my case, when I work from home. I can look for some best shapewear for the tummy and since I also plan on controlling my diet, it wouldn’t hurt if I also start with some waist and thigh trainer also so they can be "trained" stay hopefully in shape even if I’m sitting down.

Tummy Trainer Shapewear

Among the best shapewear for tummy items or the ones that “trains the tummy”, I really like the picture on the left because I think I can simply wear a long t-shirt and just wear this since underneath since it already has shorts included. I just had to make sure to choose the black one so it may look like I’m just wearing cycling shorts.

Here are some neat features of the product from their website:

  • One plastic bone on each side of the waist to prevent curling;
  • Three layers are on the abdomen, two-layer mesh fabric, and one lining;
  • Hook-and-eye crotch closure for convenience to go to the bathroom;
  • The lining is a moisture-wicking breathable fabric, suitable for summer;
  • There are removable, adjustable and soft restricted stretch elastic straps;
  • Butt enhancing design can lift your hips and create charming curves;
  • The shorts trim adopts the epoxy design to prevent the body shaper from sliding up.

Safety Measures in Using Shapewears

Now, keep in mind that the shapewears are not recommended for extended periods of time (e.g. 8 hours a day , every day), so once I get some shapewears for myself, I plan on using them probably 3-4 hours every Tuesday – Thursday- Saturday only. So since I really want a shapewear product to work, it’s best to know what the best Shapellx shapewear there is in the market so you can get best results and maximum comfort. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Calculating My Travel Budget

As a mom who can still work from home during this COVID-19 pandemic, I still consider myself very lucky to have a job that I can still earn from remotely. A lot of people nowadays are unemployed and are struggling to find work, which is why I'm still very thankful. 

I know that flights are suspended this year especially international flights, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to travel in the future. It may be 2 years from now or 3 years or maybe more since I need to prioritize other expenses since I have kids. So now I really wanted to seriously start saving exclusively for travel or have a travel budget. 

Determining Your Goal

Why are you saving money? What's it for? I think it also helps if you know your goal on why you want to save money. And as early as now, we should be honest with our finances. According to an article from The Balance, a budget only works if you are honest about both your income and expenses. To make an effective budget, you must be willing to work with detailed and accurate information about your earning and spending habits.For me, like I said, my goal is to have a travel budget. Take note that having a travel budget is different from our savings. The two of them must be separate. 

Find a Calculator

So given that I had trouble calculating my finances, using the resources we have today like the internet and Google, I searched for websites that could give me some tips about budgeting. Lo and behold, I found a very useful tool from I found a very interesting budget calculator that helps me to somehow plan my travel budget and hopefully stick to it.

Pigly has plenty of types of calculator which is one of the reasons why knowing your goal is important. They have a budget planner calculator which is the one I should be using. But for now, I chose the Reaching Your Savings Goal calculator because I do plan on reaching a travel budget of P100,000 (more than $2,000) within 2 years using my current salary. The Savings Goal Calculator is very simple, even kids can easily understand it.

Savings Goal Calculator
Savings Goal Calculator

When you look at the pic above, I set up my savings goal to 100,000. I put zero (0) to my current savings balance because I actually have zero balance in my savings account (I just live from paycheck to paycheck so please don't judge me). But I plan to change that soon.  The annual percentage rate is the interest rate that can be applied once you have an amount entered in the current savings balance. I chose monthly contribution for 2 years to reach my goal and this is the result after clicking "Calculate:"

Savings Goal results
Savings Goal Results
Current savings future value is zero because, as mentioned, my current savings is zero. Savings gap is the amount I still need to earn so naturally that's 100,000. So the calculator says that my monthly required deposit to be able to earn 100,000 after 2 years is 4,087.36. When I computed 4,087.36 x 24 months (2 years), it is equal to 98,088 so I'm assuming I will earn the 1,912 through interest from the bank. If I were to use a simple calculator, I wouldn't be able to compute this so thank you, Pigly :) 

Final Question: Can I Do It? 

So the question now is can I save 4,087.36 per month? I think I can if and only if I find a sideline or a part time job to co-finance it. The said amount is a huge chunk out of my current salary. I can only shell out 1,000 for it so for additional 3,000, I would need another sideline for it. That's why I'm currently blogging so I can somehow have a little income from it and save. 

Saturday, July 18, 2020

The New Normal Due to COVID19

Yes, the pandemic due to COVID-19 is still on-going and people are still getting infected while I type this blog. It’s actually getting crazy because most people treat the pandemic like it’s nothing. Some people even think that COVID19 is just a hoax which is quite sad because people are actually dying. Because of the continuing rise of infections, it is best that the law should take over. In the Philippines, a "New Normal Law" bill has been passed to enforce strict hygiene and social distancing measures due to the pandemic. People must now face the new normal enforcing the following changes:

Wearing Mask 

COVID19 has infected more than 14 million people worldwide  and it continues to rise because most people still do not follow quarantine rules such as staying at home or simply wearing a mask when going outside. During Spring Break, a lot of youngsters went out to party on beaches, bars and restaurants, and sadly they don’t observe social distancing and/or simply did not wear a mask. Authorities believe that this behavior helped spread Corona virus in the US.  Local government in all states in America strongly encourages people to wear mask and other states such as Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, etc.  have actually issued an executive order requiring people to wear face coverings while in (or waiting outside of) essential businesses. If you’re a store owner and fully implements wearing a mask, but then a customer refuses to wear one, insists on demanding service and eventually hurts you in the process, then you may need a lawyer for personal injury like Doug Healy. Remember, the pandemic is not an excuse to break the law. 


Curfews are being implemented to prevent people from loitering in the streets or shops late at night to prevent the spread of the virus. It also helps bring down crime rate thanks to the police checkpoints and/or police roving around town to inspect loitering individuals. People who work night shifts especially in hospitals are allowed to go out. They simply need to bring their company IDs. Minors or people age below 18 and senior citizens are encouraged to stay indoors. Once you're caught loitering around during curfew hours, then you're off to jail. 

No Talking in Trains

I’m not sure in other countries, but in the Philippines, commuters are encouraged not to talk to each other nor even answer their cellphones while inside the train or in other public transport as a safety measure to prevent the spreading of the virus through droplets from talking. It is also currently being practiced in Singapore and it’s already common etiquette in Japan so they don’t need a mandate for it. 

The Start of Distance Learning

This is probably one of the most challenging changes that had happened during the pandemic. Physical classes has been suspended and distance learning (a.k.a elearning / homeschooling) is currently being practiced. This means parents at home are in charge of assisting their children with their studies plus the materials / gadgets they need to make distance learning possible such as the computer and tablet they should use. Sad to say, this is very challenging for 3rd world countries.
We don’t know how long the pandemic will last, but I really hope this would end soon. We may be in a state of pandemic, but always remember that the law still stands and we must follow it in order to achieve peace and order.  

Monday, July 13, 2020

An Intro to Contracts

I remember my Obligations and Contracts 101 subject during my first year in college where I learned a lot from my professor. Obligations and Contracts is the first thing an individual should need to learn first about the law because eventually you will get into one whether it’d be a marriage contract, lease contract, agency contract, etc.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

All About Sales Tax Nexus

The world has turned upside down thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused restaurants to close, companies started to file bankruptcy and massive amount of people became unemployed. But people, especially business-minded ones, saw an opportunity and opened online businesses instead. It’s a smart move because selling online can really be profitable.

I used to think that selling online is more profitable because I don’t have to pay taxes and stuff. It turns out that you’ve made a business out of online selling, it’s a must that you register your business and deal with tax obligations.

 If your business operates in a location that imposes sales tax, you are likely familiar with the concept of sales tax. But, are you familiar with sales tax nexus?

What is Sales Tax Nexus

According to an article from Taxjar, sales tax nexus occurswhen your business has some kind of connection to a state. All states have a slightly different definition of nexus, but most of the time states consider that a “physical presence” or “economic connection” creates nexus.
Just to clarify what physical presence is, they can be the following:
  • -          Personnel
  • -          Having an office
  • -          Having a warehouse
  • -          Storing inventory
  • -          Having an affiliate

-        Temporarily doing physical business in a state for a limited amount of time, such as at a trade show or craft fair

If you have sales tax nexus in a state, then you must collect sales tax from buyers in that state. In a state’s mind, you, as the merchant, are using their roads and other infrastructure to run your business so you should be helping them out by collecting sales tax from your buyers and remitting it back to the state.

This means you must determine the sales tax rate in that state, plus any local sales tax that might apply. For example, the sales tax rate in Beverly Hills (90210) is 9%. That includes a California state rate of 6.5%, plus a Los Angeles County rate of 1% and a district rate of 1.5%.

So in other words, a state would definitely want to have a lot of merchants selling in their area so they can collect a high number of sales tax nexus; the greater sales tax nexus they collect, that’s more revenue for that state.

Is Vat the same as Sales Tax?

According to an article from Thomson Reuters, Value Added Taxor VAT is collected by all sellers in each stage of the supply chain. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers all collect the value added tax on taxable sales. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end consumers all pay the VAT on their purchases. Businesses must track and document the VAT they pay on purchases in order to receive a credit for the VAT paid on their tax return. VAT is actually popular to consumers because this is what we always see on our receipts including grocery receipts, coffee shop receipts, etc.

What Triggers the Tax Administration Requirement?

Sales tax:

Nexus – Taxpayers with a physical presence in a tax jurisdiction or who meet the economic nexus thresholds.


Permanent Establishment – Existence of a facility, bookkeeping facilities or ability to enter contracts.
Registration Threshold – Taxpayers with business activities that exceed the monetary threshold in a tax jurisdiction.

That’s all I could provide about tax nexus for now. I hope this article has enlightened you even for a small bit. If you need more information, it’s best you consult  your accountant or anyone who specializes in business tax and finances.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is more like an old profession. I remember my parents used to buy cheap land and then they sell it after a few years for a higher price. Some people would also borrow money from a lender and then eventually settle to pay them back with a land title since they don't have any cash available. 

Photo from Pixabay

I would also receive offers from friends to sell a property (house and lot) and then they told me it's up to me how much I wanted to add on top of the property's selling price so it got me to thinking that real estate can be pretty lucrative and generates substantial returns for both short and long term depending on how much time and effort you would render for it.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Using Snus May Help You Quit Smoking

I discussed in my previous article about alternative of smoking or how to quit smoking using vape. I'm happy to say that my husband has not smoked a cigarette for more than 5 years now and counting. At that time, vape really did its work. Unfortunately now, vaping is now strictly prohibited in our area so people can't try vaping anymore so most of them resorted back to cigarette smoking especially those who are stressed at work or even at home. 

I used to read something about a tobacco that you can chew as an alternative to smoking, but the catch is the constant spitting and it's just unsanitary for me. One item that stood out for me is this thing smokeless tobacco called snus ( pronounced as "snoose" like "loose). This is very new for me so I researched more about it. 

All About Snus

Snus is moist tobacco that is usually placed under the upper lip, and it usually comes in different kinds of flavours such as wintergreen, mint and the like. It was created in Sweden to help reduce the rate of smoking in the country. The good thing about Snus is that you do not have to burn or smoke it. Also, you do not need to spit when you take it, and it is considered less harmful than cigarettes since it does not pose any harm to your lungs, unlike when you smoke a cigarette. 

They may look like tea bags, but these pieces of snus are actually designed to give users a tobacco hit without having to light up.

History of Snus

According to Wikipedia, in the 16th century, snuff (pulverized tobacco), the precursor of snus (moist snuff), was introduced to France by French diplomat Jean Nicot, who worked at the court of King Henry II of France. He recommended snuff to Catherine de' Medici as a migraine remedy. When she became a regular user of snuff, it became a fashion among the court and upper-class citizens of France, especially among females, as it was deemed more socially acceptable than other forms of tobacco.

Will You Use It?

Snus is available online so basically anybody can purchase it except residents of Europe because it's currently banned there. But since vape is no longer available in our area, I think snus can be a step to help people stop smoking. I mean snus still does have its side effects since it is still tobacco, but if it can help you stop smoking then it's a good alternative until the  user can finally stop using tobacco altogether. Maybe using it in moderation is a good way to go. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

Quality Online Class and Tutorial During Quarantine

I've tried searching online about online classes and tutorials, but unfortunately for most online classes, you have to enroll for the course itself or for the program itself. As you may know, money is really scarce during quarantine because most people are already unemployed and they're trying to save the money that they currently have. 

I have came across an online tutorial site named One Class and I believe it's designed for grade 9 students up to college, and I was so amazed with it. While browsing their website, there is a section called "Homework Help" and I saw lots of problems or questions posted together with answers. I found  lots of problem solving samples from subjects like Accounting, Chemistry, Math, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, History, and more. 

Here is a sample math problem that was posted and its answer. There's only one answer posted, but if you need more than one, then you need to register to access the multitude of answers available. 

What if Your Question is Not Asked Yet?

You can always click the "Ask a Question" button at the top right and ask your question there. An online tutor will keep in touch 

What if I'm having Difficulty With a Subject or a Series of Problems? 

You're in luck. have online tutors available live 7 days a week. You may book FREE one on one consultations with a tutor on their website. Simply pick a date and choose the tutor you desire. If you have doubts or having second thoughts about the way they teach or about their tutoring, you may also review their past streams posted on their website. That way, you can get an idea on how they teach and if you liked their method of teaching or not. 

SAT Prep Math Live stream Tutorial with Janine
I checked one of Janine's previous streams (pic above) and I really like the way how upfront she teaches. For example in this SAT Prep Math tutorial, she discusses the problem and then writes out her solutions on the screen and then elaborates on where that solution came from by giving more examples so you can understand it easily. Remember, during a live stream, you can always ask questions whenever you reach a part you don't understand so that's the beauty of it. 

During this COVID-19 crisis, Online Class is giving away 100,000 hours of free tutoring sessions so if I were you, schedule your free session now! 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Lyle Advisors Can Help You Settle Debt Faster

Planning about your finances is really quite a challenge according to almost all the TED talks I've listened to. There's no question about it. P
aying off your marriage expenses, paying off your rent, credit cards, and your children’s enrollment fees may be your financial summary during your 20s or even 30s. During your 40s, you get to think more long term it often features growing responsibilities and ever-competing priorities. Your parents are older, your mortgage is still on foot, children’s education costs are growing, and though retirement may seem a distant reality, planning for that reality becomes an important consideration.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Fashionable Clothing That's Less than Fifteen Dollars!

Summertime is almost near and that means it’s time for me to look for online shops that give me stylish swimsuits but also offers good value. Then I saw Feelingirldress. It’s a bit new to me so I looked around and I was amazed by their selection of clothing. I found active wear, fashion wear, maxi dresses, swim wear, and more. What's more surprising is that their prices only range from 5 dollars to 15 dollars only! 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Injuries From Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road safety is a serious and still a major issue around the world in spite of the fact that the number of road accidents have slightly decreased over the last few years. According to The National Safety Council, it is estimated that 40,000 vehicle fatalities occurred in 2018, which is a slight improvement from 2017’s 40,231 deaths. Despite the advancements in car safety systems, factors like distracted driving and higher speed limits are canceling out their benefits. 

I Am a Mom and I Am Exposed To Technology

I am a mother of two and a stay-at-home mom. Being a mom is already a given because the title of my blog is “Southbound Mom”. When I think of my mom, I get a picture of a woman who stays at home, who always prepares and cooks dinner for her husband and family, always cleaning  the house, doing the laundry, someone who just keeps the household running and then keeps the man of the house happy. 

Sunday, January 19, 2020

How to Get an Extra Bottle of Novuhair For Free

“Experience nature’s special makeover treatment and feel like a VIP – Very Important Person.”

In line with NOVUHAIR’s 10th year of fervent commitment to consumer health awareness on
hair loss prevention and maintenance, coupled by a decade of partnership with Mercury Drug
Corporation, ADP Pharma Corporation has launched the NOVUHAIR VIP KIT. Find out more at
Novuhair Promo

This exclusive promo is packed with the regular NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion 200ml. plus
an extra 120ml. bottle valued at PhP 1,990. That’s 64% savings for a natural hair loss remedy
good for 6 months!

The NOVUHAIR VIP KIT serves as a token of the company’s appreciation and gratitude to all its
loyal users for continuously making NOVUHAIR the leading hair loss treatment in the country.
For more information, you may also contact our NOVUHAIR hotline at +(63) 917.549.0575, find
us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @NovuhairOfficial.

Friday, January 10, 2020

It's Time To Renovate Your Bathroom When You See These Signs

Time to Renovate Your Bathroom When You See These Signs

There are plenty of resources online where you can find tips about remodeling your bathroom. But sometimes when your budget doesn't allow you to, your bathroom gets neglected and you'd think, "Ah, it still could work after a year," or "no one cares if some tiles gets a few cracks.”

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Welcoming 2020 with Fresh Start and Full of Positivity

It's the new year and people look forward to it because another chapter in their lives unfolds. Some are optimistic, some are neutral, and some are even pessimistic. But no matter how people see it, the year 2020 is extra special since it is also the start of a new decade. 

We all await exciting opportunities for a fresh start and new beginnings in our personal lives and of course in our blogging community. No matter what your goals are in 2020 or how many new year’s resolutions you plan on making this year, we should always find time to celebrate and reminisce all of your experiences from 2019, whether good or bad; and welcome the new year ahead with hope and positivity.
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