Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lactacyd Baby Bath: Treatment for Prickly Heat for Toddlers

Since it's summer time and the sun is really scorching, I'm really worried about my toddler's skin especially when he's all sweaty. Because of the heat, my son has developed prickly heat on his neck that becomes itchy when he becomes sweaty. Even if he wears loose sando, it always comes back whenever the weather is hot so he begins scratching again.

One thing, I do not recommend using powder because it really does nothing and my son has rhinitis so I really don't put powder on his neck or else he'll sneeze to death.

So what did I do to make his prickly heat disappear?  I didn't use any creams or antibiotics. I used this one:

Lactacyd Natural Skin Cleansing and Protection Baby Bath (P 76)
 My sister bought this Lactacyd because she read in a blog somewhere that it's also good for adult's facial skin. I asked her permission to use it for my son so I used this as a liquid soap. I just took a few drops and used it like a liquid bath soap and applied it to my son's body especially on the neck.

After every day use for 5 consecutive days, the prickly heat totally disappeared! It's too bad I wasn't able to take a "Before-After" picture of my son's neck to show you that this product really works. I was really happy because even though he's all sweaty and the weather is too hot, his neck doesn't itch anymore.Let me remind you that this is not an experiment. Latacyd, as indicated on its back, says that it really treats prickly heat. I really recommend this!

In addition, Lactacyd Baby Bath is also good for treating diaper rash for infants, wet dermatitis, mycosis, eczema, intertrigo, and seborrhea (dandruff).

Note: This is not a paid advertisement of Lactacyd. I am writing this to share with my fellow moms/readers my personal experience with the said product.

Comments and Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome :)
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