Saturday, April 28, 2012

Searching For a New Preschool within BF Homes

The new school year (2012-2013) is coming and my husband & I have decided to look for a new preschool for our son because Elizalde Preschool will be moving further from our residence. As of now, we're currently looking for a school inside BF Homes that is near Tahanan Village.

Note: We're not a rich couple meaning we can't afford tuition fees that are above P45,000

So far, we found the following schools with their tuition fees:

1. Veritas Parochial School (Traditional)
(809-6236 / 772-2966)
** located beside Robinson's Supermarket. You may also find pictures in their Facebook account.

For Kinder 2 (Age 4-5)
 Annual: 38,330

Upon enrollment:  P27,530
Due - Oct. 1, 2012: P12,000
2. Marymount School (Preschool, Grade School, High School)  (Traditional)
J. Villaroman St., Classic Homes Vill., BF Homes, Paranaque
809-4486 /88/89 or 0917-8926090

For Kinder (Age by June: 4.6-5.5)
Reservation: P2,500
Annual: P35,926

Reservation: P2,500
June 4: P19,198.50
October 4: P19,198.50

Reservation: P2,500
June 4/Aug 4/Oct 4/Dec. 4: P10,020.00

Reservation: P2,500
Every 4th of the month starting June 4 until March 4: P4,284.00

Miscellaneous fee: P2,800
Development fee: P1,000
3. Precious Jewels Learn & Play School (Traditional)
79 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes  Paranaque
473-0419 / 497-8552 
**easy requirements: birth certificate & picture only. Tuition fee includes books and materials. Uniform is P400 per set. Misc. fees not yet included such as Christmas party, field trip, graduation, etc.

Kinder 1
Annual: P32,000
Initial: P15,000
September: P9,000
December: P9,000

Initial: P10,000
July - March: P3,000

South City Central School (Progressive) 
(Nursery - High School) 
86 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homse Paranaque 1720 (beside Slimzone)

(632) 836-2514 

SCCS is a progressive school with a US curriculum called ABEKA,  that provides a nurturing yet challenging environment where children between the ages of 18 months to 6 years will learn, play and develop life skills.  I visited the place and I got some pictures of their preschool room:

18 mos.-2 years old = pre-nursery
3 years old = Nursery
4 years old = Kindergarten 4
5 years old = Kindergarten 5
6 years old = Advanced Kindergarten 5/Grade 1 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
7 years old = Grade 1/ Grade 2 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
8 years old = Grade 2/Grade 3 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
9 years old = Grade 3/ Grade 4 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
10 years old = Grade 4/Grade 5 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
11 years old = Grade 5/Grade 6 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
12 years old = Grade 6/Grade 7 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
13 years old = Grade 7/Grade 8 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
14 years old = Grade 8/Grade 9 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
15 years old = Grade 9/Grade 10 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
16 years old = Grade 10/Grade 11 (depending on the diagnostic exam)
17 - 18 years old = Grade 11/Grade 12 (depending on the diagnostic exam)

  1. Copy of latest report card or transcript of records ( for grades 2-12) 
  2. 1x1 photo
  3. Accomplished application form
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Health Certificate
  6. For foreign students - photocopy of passport
  7. Letter of recommendation from previous school (GMRC) for grades 2-12
  8. P200 diagnostic testing fee
Tuition fee:
Initial payment: P11,000 ( for materials from the US and miscellaneous fee)

A. Regular Monthly payment 
Pre-Nursery to Grade 8: Php 4,650 monthly, payable on the 15th of every month
High School (Grades 9 to 12): Php4,840 monthly, payable on the 15th of every month

B. Yearly Payment with 5% discount
Pre-Nursery to Grade 8: Php 44,175
High School (Grades 9 to 12) Php45,980

C. Quarterly Payment 4% discount
Pre-Nursery to Grade 8: Php 11,162.50, payable June 15, Sept. 15, Dec. 15, Feb. 15
High School (Grades 9 to 12) Php 11,616 payable June 15 , Sept. 15, Dec. 15, Feb. 15

D. Early monthly payment 2% discount, must be paid before the 15th 
Pre-Nursery to Grade 8: Php4,557
High School (Grades 8 to 12): Php 4,743.60 

*If you have suggestions or ideas, please feel free to leave the on the comment section. Thank you. 
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