Saturday, October 13, 2012

Effect of Rotavirus Vaccine for My Baby

My 3-month-old baby just had her rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix) last Tuesday, October 9, in Vaxcen (Pergola Mall) and it was given to her orally. She did refuse to drink it a bit probably because it tastes too bitter, but, of course, she has to drink it for her own good.

I did mention in my previous blog that she's breasfed and she doesn't poop every day. Well, after taking the Rotarix vaccine, she now poops every day since she took it. At first, she pooped 3 times a day last Wednesday (the day after she took the vaccine) and then she's been pooping once a day (every morning) every day. I guess the vaccine had a positive effect on her digestive system that enabled her to poop every day.

Just sharing :)


  1. As per Hilleman labs, rotavirus diarrhea leads to annual deaths of five to seven lakh children all over the globe, out of which one lakh are in India alone.. conjugate vaccine

  2. Thanks for the comment, Katie. Yes, I am aware that rotavirus is quite deadly especially to infants 6 months and below which is why my daughter had 2 shots of Rotavirus immunization :) It is much recommended by all pedia nowadays.


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