Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sore Eyes and Breast Feeding

Question: If mommy has sore eyes, can she continue breastfeeding her little one?

My Answer: Yes, I continued breastfeeding even if I had sore eyes, BUT I made sure I did the following:

1. Since I already had one sore eye, what I did was I covered the sore eye with an eye bandage to prevent me from scratching it and/or transfer the germs to anywhere else. So with this being done, I only had one eye to see. I replaced the bandage whenever I need to put on my anti bacterial eye dropper (Tobrex).

2. I always washed my hands or used alcohol to prevent transfer of germs. I also took a bath every day.

I just followed these 2 basic rules and my baby didn't get infected with sore eyes. I did this for 1 week and everything turned out fine. After a week, my eyes had already healed.
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