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For expecting moms, yes, we roam around the malls to look for the best bargain for baby merchandises and the excitement is just incomparable especially if it's your first pregnancy. Sometimes we end up buying stuff that our baby doesn't really need because of impulse buying.

Well, moms, we don't have to tire ourselves from walking around the malls to look for a great bargain. We can now do our shopping at the comfort of our home! has been a reliable buy and sell website where we can find almost anything. I have been a member or a "Sulitizen" for more than 5 years now and I have bought and sold a lot of items already through their website and I still am an active member selling some personal stuff that we don't need anymore.

So now, let me share my personal Top 10 Sulit Must-Have's for expecting moms based on what my 2 children used:

Let's start first with number 10.

10. Evenflo Baby Car Seat ( It's true that safety should come first, but to be honest, I seldom used the car seat I bought for my babies because I often carried them or let them sit on my lap while in the car

9. Crib ( Did it surprise you that this didn't even reach the top 5? Contrary to the common knowledge that having a crib is the very first thing an expecting mom should have, this is one of the least object I've used with 2 of my children compared to other succeeding items you'll see on this list. Why? Because my kids preferred sleeping beside me on our bed as early as 2 months old. I've only used the crib for 2 -3 months only. But still, a crib is a necessity because it's a place where your baby can sleep safely without you worrying him/her falling down when you're not around. 

8. Electric Breast Pump ( This is a necessity for especially for working moms who are lactating so they can easily pump the milk out and put them in storage containers. I only use this whenever I got too much milk in me that I have to pump them out
7. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles ( I breastfeed my daughter, I had to look for bottles with silicone nipples that are relatively close to a real nipple so my daughter won't get confused while she sucks. This is the best one I've seen so far. 
6. Chicco Baby Bottle Sterilizer ( Of course, if you have feeding bottles, you will need a sterilizer. These are easier to use than the traditional method of using pot with boiling water (though I have nothing against it). It's very convenient because you can just leave the bottles there without worrying anything because the sterilizer automatically shuts off when it's done.  I used to have my Farlin bottle sterilizer and I used it for 4 years or until my son stopped using bottles. Chicco is also a good brand so the ad above is a good bargain.
5.Baby Stroller ( It's a guarantee that you will need this whenever you go out especially when you go to the mall or to the park. Carrying the baby around while walking is very exhausting so a stroller is a must-have. Strollers have so many designs nowadays. Just choose the best one that you think that works best for you.

4. Baby Walker ( I use this everyday since my daughter turned 5 months old. A walker is a big help for me because I don't have to carry around my baby all the time. Plus, she enjoys being in it so it's definitely a must-have. 

3. Bath Tub ( I bathe my baby everyday so a baby bath tub is definitely a must-have. I do recommend the one in the pic that has a stand because the one I use right now is the ordinary baby bath tub where I'd have to sit down or kneel while bathing my baby which is quite tiring. 

2. Baby Clothes!!! ( You must have plenty of baby clothes from sando to long sleeves and from shorts to pajamas because it's a guarantee you'll use them all due to weather changes. The ad above sells baby clothes with factory prices so it's another good bargain from!
1. Diapers!!! ( It's a must that you always have diapers stocked for your baby and I think it's pretty self-explanatory. The ad above sells generic diapers that have cheaper prices compared to branded ones, but has the same or better quality.

Well, that's my top 10 Sulit Must-Have's for Moms! 
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Juan dela Cruz
My 10 Sulit Must Haves
1. Samsung Galaxy - 
10. Ipad - 

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