Friday, March 1, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." ~ Jane Austen. 

Our home is our sanctuary. This is the place where we (should) relax, have fun, bond , make memories and relax some more. But the way things are right now at our home, relaxation is the least in my mind because our home is like a daycare center.  I have an 8-month old daughter who screams, cries and needs constant attention and guidance. I also have a 5-year-old son who constantly runs, jumps and just soo makulit.

My two treasures.

But If someone were to ask, "What are the best things about spending a quiet and relaxing weekend at home?" The first two answers that pop up to my mind are:


My home is not as quiet as I want it to be especially on weekends when I do minor house cleaning and preparing snacks or drinks for my family. Just a little noise from the vacuum cleaner or noise from the blender, this is what happens: 

Angry Agnes
So is there a way to hush those noise away in the household?

Yes, there is! Introducing Electrolux's new line of products: 

1. The Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender
Notice the word, "Silent," in its name? This revolutionary kitchen product is 10x quieter than the conventional blenders we know.  Thanks to Electrolux's pioneer innovation, can now prepare our favorite smoothies, fruit juice, etc. as quiet as it should be. 
How is this possible?
"The blender features a patented Sound Reduction System, a unique combination of reduced vibrations and airflow. This system substantially lowers the blender’s sound level to under 80 dB, equal to the sound of a telephone dial tone and this is 10x quieter than a regular blender, which boasts sound levels between 90 dB -95 dB, equal to the sound of a motorcycle."

Is it easy to use? 
Yes. Simply choose the speed you would like your blender should perform from 1 to 6..

A question every mom asks: Is it easy to clean? 
Yes! In addition to being quiet, the Powermix Silent offers great mixing performance and is easy to clean.
When cleaning blenders, its usually the blades that are quite difficult to clean. But as you can see, the blades are removable and each blade is spaced further apart from each other, thus, making them easy to wash.

Its new triangular jug design creates a vortex effect, allowing ingredients to be easily pulled down to the blades.

Very smooth inner surface making it very easy to clean.

 Other features: 
Fruit Filter
Additional accessories include a fruit filter that prepares perfectly smooth juices without seeds and pits, and a mini chopper that processes finely chopped herbs, dried fruits and nuts, icing sugar, and puree.

 I'm usually awake after midnight so with a product like the Powermix Silent Blender, I can make my banana milk shake at 2AM without waking anybody up!!! Now, that's innovation!

Wait! That's not all! It seems Electrolux didn't stopped their innovative creations there. Apparently, they have developed another one which I think EVERYONE, not only moms, will surely love.  

2. Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green Vacuum Cleaner

 "Nico, get out of the room. I'm going to use the vacuum cleaner." This is what I usually say when I'm about to vacuum our room and my son usually goes outside the house to avoid hearing the irritating noise from our 15-year-old vacuum cleaner.  I would like to just sweep the floor because it's quieter, but the dust particles spreads across the room while sweeping which is not advisable for my son who has allergic rhinitis.

But now, using the Ultra Silencer Green, I can vacuum the house without the irritating loud noise! 

It is really silent?
The Ultra Silencer Green operates with a minimal level of only 68dB, almost like the loudness of a normal conversation or a piano gently played which is extremely tolerable for human hears, especially for kids.  
Okay, from the name Ultra Silencer Green, we get the "ultra silencer" part, but what does "green" mean? 

When we think "green," what pops to our heads are  usually trees, grass, nature and environment. The Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green consumes up to 40% less energy, thus, making it environmentally-friendly (and Meralco friendly)  and is made with 55% recycled plastic which makes it more friendly to the environment because the company uses 90% less energy during manufacturing than using virgin plastics.Not only that, the Ultra Silencer Green cleans and exhausts air by 99.99% before releasing it back to the environment! I mean, how much "greener" can it be?

Okay. It's silent and it's also eco-friendly, but what about its performance? 
"An efficient suction fan unit combined with the Dust Magnet Floor Nozzle helps deliver the same performance in terms of dust pick-up with a lower wattage motor. Vacuum motors often waste energy by producing heat. Our 1,250W motor and nozzle produce comparable dust pick-up and little heat compared to a 2000W vacuum cleaner."
So with the use of Ultra Silencer Green vacuum cleaner, my kids can no longer be afraid of the sound anymore and I can vacuum the house anytime I want.  I can even vacuum while my husband is watching TV without distracting him. I can even vacuum when my baby is sleeping in the room. I can even ask my son to vacuum for me! Gosh! The possibilities are just endless!

There you have it.  With the use of the Powermix Silent and the Ultra Silencer Green, having a quiet and relaxing weekend is now possible for every household, thus, bringing back happiness to every home.

Thank you very much, Electrolux, for thinking of us and continuously innovating to meet our real needs.

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