Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jacob's Ladder Immunization Center

Vaccines can be very, very, very hurtful in our wallets because of their FUBAR prices, but as parents, money or even our savings are sacrificed just to give immunization for our children to protect them from sickness. But thanks to Heapful of Help blog,  we were able to discover Jacob's Ladder where they offer reasonable prices for their immunization shots. They even offer lower prices than Vaxcen. The nearest center from our residence is the Last Pinas branch.

I was quite hesitant at first to go to this clinic because I had an impression that since they have lower immunization prices, I would expect less from their service or other things. But I was sooo wrong! The place is clean, the nurse was very accommodating and their pedia is very friendly and very good.

Spacious & clean lobby/ play area for kids while waiting.  They only have one aircon I think so they needed an electric fan for support. It is actually a big room. 
Kids enjoy the toys while waiting.

Jacob's Ladder, Las Pinas has a very professional and very friendly pediatrician. He takes his time to answer questions very elaborately. He checks the baby book first to see what immunization should be prioritized and what can wait. He does not pressure you into giving your child shots immediately unless there is already an epidemic in your area or the shot is already long overdue. In other words, he doesn't do "sales talk".

  It is highly recommended that you call the center first before coming in. Call and reserve the vaccine you need for your baby to avoid the hassle.

I really wished that I had discovered Jacob's Ladder sooner, but it doesn't matter now because my husband and I will make sure that our daughter will always come here for her shots.


2nd Floor D' Grand Building, San Beda Commercial
Alabang Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
Contact numbers: 0932-3745187 / 478-47-07
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