Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Amending My SSS ID in SSS Paranaque Branch

Yes, that's right! You can now get your digitized SSS ID in SSS Paranaque branch! You don't have to go to Commonwealth anymore to get one.

I got my first SSS ID back in 2003 when I was still single, but now that I'm married, I wanted to change the name on my ID and I want the new one which is a Unified ID. And so I went to the nearest SSS branch in Paranaque which is along Dr. A. Santos Avenue.

I arrived at 7:45AM and I got the number 45 already! A lot of people came as early as 6AM hoping to be the first in line.
The good thing about it is their aircon is working perfectly so it's fairly cold inside the office. My number was called at around 10AM.

Take note that before proceeding, make sure you have already submitted beforehand your Member's Data Amendment Form or E-4 to the SSS office indicating that you wish to change/amend your name.
  1. Get a number first from the guard at the SSS office. 
  2. While waiting for your  number to be called, get an R-6 form from the SSS office (4 copies) and fill it up.  Go to the BPI bank just right beside the SSS office and pay the fee of Php300.00.

    Note: For SSS card replacements, you will need to pay the fee of Php300.00 at the bank before your documents get processed. Make sure you have the bank receipt before falling in line.  For first time ID applicants, it's free.
  3. After paying, return to the SSS office and you may wait for your number to be called. Be sure you have your filled up E-6 form, original copies of your supporting documents, at least 2 photocopies of your supporting documents and the bank receipt. In my case, I brought copies of my marriage contract and Postal ID. Make sure you bring at least one ID with photo.  This is very important.

    I made a mistake of bringing my marriage contract and ATM card where my married name is already written on it, but they didn't accept it because there's no photo in my ATM. I rushed to Paranaque Municipal Office to get a Postal ID because this is one of the fastest IDs you can get. I went back to the SSS office and submitted my requirements quickly. I just told the agent that I was number 45 earlier and the one whom she told that needed to get a postal ID.
  4. After the processing your form, you may now proceed with processing your ID. Go to the ID processing room and wait for your turn. it's first come first serve.  It takes about 5-10 minutes for one person to be processed so it takes a while. 
That's it! I'll just have to wait for my ID to be delivered in 3 months at my residence, but I'm expecting it to arrive after 2 years because that's what happened to my sister's ID. I'll just update you when it arrives.

Well, that's about everything. You may also check their website at for more info and for their downloadable forms.  If you have any questions, just leave them on the comment section below.


I'm so sorry for the late update, but I want to inform you, guys, that I received my new Unified Multi-Purpose ID just after 2 months at my home! I was amazed how fast it arrived.
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