Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Apply for a Barangay Clearance (BF Homes)

I applied for a Barangay Clearance yesterday because it's one of the requirements in obtaining a Postal ID, which I plan to get the next day.

Tahanan Homeowners Association (THA) Office
First step is they give you an endorsement form.  In my case, since I live in Tahanan Village,  I need to fill up the form and then have it signed by our village president/representative. This form verifies that I'm a resident of Tahanan.

Note: Your village/subdivision office usually have this form available in their office already. If not, you have to get this in BF Barangay Hall. I got mine from the THA office.

Bring the following:
  • One (1) 1x1 picture and,
  • Php20.00 for the fee.
The processing of the endorsement letter takes only a few minutes. When I got the form, I went straight to BF Homes' Barangay Hall to get my clearance.

Now that I have my endorsement form ready, taking a barangay clearance is a breeze. I just gave them the endorsement and I just waited for a few minutes for them to prepare the clearance. No need to bring an ID picture. Just bring another Php20.00 for the fee.

I also tried getting a cedula, but they just ran out. It will be available next week.

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