Thursday, March 21, 2013

My 9-month old Had Difficulty Sleeping

My daughter (9 months old) had difficulty sleeping the past few days for uncertain reasons such as probably because I drank coffee even though I was breastfeeding or probably because she missed her naps when we went to the mall or to the park, etc. As I've read the answers throughout the internet, some say don't let her take a nap in the afternoon and let her sleep in the evening for her to sleep all through the night. Well, she did took a nap in the afternoon, but only for 10 minutes and then she's awake all through the day until 10pm. Before going to bed at night, she was cranky and just didn't want to sleep. So this wasn't a good sleeping pattern to venture on.

Today, she was able to take a nap for 3 hours in the afternoon and she woke up in a good mood. In the evening, I let her take her 2nd bath because she was sweaty and it was just a hot summer night. I let her eat as much as she want to make her full. Later in the evening, she was able to go to bed without me cradling her to sleep. She went to sleep on her own! Thank you, Lord.

I guess 2 main factors that really helped her go to sleep without any fuss is giving her a bath in the evening and making her full before going to sleep. It's just impossible for her to sleep with an empty stomach.

Well, that's just it. I thought I'd just share it with you, guys. Thanks for reading.
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