Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: Easter Party at Big Red Barn (Alabang Branch)

Last Easter Sunday, I decided to buy some tickets in Big Red Barn in Alabang where I thought my kids would enjoy this special day.

A ticket for the kids cost P500 which includes food, popcorn, cotton candy, unlimited play and a big lootbag full of goodies from sponsors while parents/guardians tickets are P250 each which includes everything except lootbag and unlimited play. I thought the price is quite reasonable compared to tickets being sold to hotels' Easter parties so that's why I decided to buy them.

Kids and parents swarming at the front
We actually arrived quite late. Registration is from 9am to 10 am and we arrived at around 10:10AM already so we ended up sitting at the back of the crowd.

Finding a kiddie chair for my son so he could sit in front is like a finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, I was able to ask the Big Red Barn assistant to bring us a chair. Nico was able to sit at front, but at the side.

The party started with games. I don't plan to discuss every detail of the party, but I just want to mention that this particular game, the "Bring Me Game" is quite "annoying." My son was so eager to play this game, but how can he win when all the parents have already blocked the way. I also noticed some irritated kids because they found it difficult to get to their parents.  I guess the party host just ignored this situation and just went on with his list of to-do things.

Popcorn and Cotton Candy Carts

We told our son to skip the first game and just relax a bit to avoid getting hurt and getting frustrated (hehe). He decided to eat a cotton candy while waiting. We also colored an Easter Egg picture on paper while waiting.
Easter Egg Coloring Contest sponsored by Dong-A. I have to say their pastel colors are really good and not messy; perfect and safe for kids to use. 
When lunch time came, people went in line for the buffet/snacks. Buffet includes spaghetti, fried chicken and fries with 1 round of ice tea. The line was soooo long that when it's my turn to get my food, their fries and spaghetti ran out. Grrr.. Another thing is they ran out of seats so some of us had to eat outside the venue. We weren't able to watch the magic show while eating. *sigh*
While in line, I took a picture of their prizes. Not bad, eh?
We brought along our 9-month-old daughter to the party. If possible, leave your infants at home because 100% guaranteed that they won't appreciate the event. They'll just cry and get irritated or even scared because of the LOUD noise.My daughter had a hard time taking a nap and was crying because it was just too noisy.
Thankfully, my son's work has won as one of the top 5 in Dong-A's coloring the Easter Egg contest. He won a 24-piece non-toxic Dong-A pastel colors and 3 Dong-A technical pen

Kids preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt.
 Note: It was such a hassle that the party was at the 2nd floor and then we have to go downstairs to eat our snacks and then we went upstairs again for the Easter egg hunt. Just wanted to point that out. Oh, another thing is they didn't provide the baskets for the egg hunt so most of the children didn't have baskets with them and just used the small plastic bags from their loot bags.

My son got 2 eggs! Not bad for his first time. : ) The eggs are actually plastic with numbers inside so the eggs will be replaced with prizes.
In conclusion, I wasn't satisfied with the party. I actually expected more from it. There were a lot of cons than the pros. My only consolation was my son enjoyed the unlimited play inside their playground.

Will I spend Easter Egg Hunt here again? Probably not.

Big Red Barn 
Westgate Filinvest, Alabang
Tel. No.: 836-9387
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