Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Agnes' 1st Birthday Party at Big Plate!

Agnes Francine's First Birthday!
Venue: Big Plate Restaurant
Time: 2-5pm, June 23, 2013.
Inclusions: Free sound system and free use of venue as long as you avail P16,000 worth (or more) of food and beverages.  Venue is good for 60 up to 100 people. They were the ones who arranged the buffet tables and the waiters/waitresses were all very accommodating.

Big Plate means buffet! :D

  1. Balloon decor: NICPATJAN PARTY NEEDS (http://sulit.com.ph/14596857
I took:
Package1 - Php1,400.00
2 pillar standee (5ft stand)
1 cake ark (3ft stand)
5 pcs table centerpiece
 **I've requested to add 50 balloondaritas (P600), 5 table centerpieces (P225) and 20 big and assorted character mylar balloons (P500) including the letters/no., "Agnes 1" 

During the event, the letter "N" kept falling down because of the tape they used.

I really love the cake arch! Its color really matches the theme and the color of my tarpaulin and cake! :D Very nice.
I'm quite happy with the character balloons. The kids just love them! I made a right decision replacing the printed balloons on stick with these. The kids were just excited to take one home.
Not exactly the type of centerpiece I was hoping for, but for the price of P45 each, I think it's good enough.

I liked how they scattered everything on the roof.

14-inch round Disney Princess (3 inches high) with 30 pieces cupcakes 
Price: P3500

Sponsored by my sister, Mari.
The cupcakes were superb because they used marshmallow icing. Too bad I wasn't able to place Disney princess cupcake toppers, but I guess they're pretty as they are. Warning: This cake so huge that I think it can actually feed your guests up to 60 or 70 people!

  **One main comment though: Goldilocks DOESN'T deliver!!! It was such a hassle for us to pick up the cake and then realizing that it doesn't fit in the car. We had to go to the venue and unload the people and other stuff and then went back to Goldilocks just to get the big cake. It still didn't fit in the car, but my hubby decided to remove the upper part of the box just to fit it in so that's what they did. So if you're going to buy a cake, make sure they can deliver the cake to your venue for a hassle-free transaction.
Measurements: 5 x 4. Price: P500
In close-up, I wasn't happy with the printing because it's not that clear when you go near it.
I designed the layout by the way to save layout fees.

6. PARTY HOST/MAGICIAN: JAMES CUEVAS (http://sulit.com.ph/13755192)
Price: P3500 (but he increased his price as of today) 

-Class A Party Host (Taglish)
-Human Talking Mask Puppet Show
-Unlimited Balloon Twisting Show (for kids)
-45 mins. Magic Show w/ Rabbit and Birds plus Semi-Illusion

James's hosting was okay, but needs a little improvement because he lacks the energy, smile, enthusiasm. The magic was so-so for me, but the kids seemed to enjoy it, especially the live animals. The highlight of the show is the talking mask! Everyone had a blast with that one. I do recommend Sir James if you're on a tight budget. He arrived hours early at the venue and madali siyang kausap. 


A.) NESTLE ICE CREAM PARTY PACKAGE (https://icecreamparty.ph/)
Price: P1,100 (50 pcs. assorted ice cream products)
* I chose the ice box because an ice cream cart cannot be placed to the second floor of the restaurant.

The vendor from Nestle simply left the ice cream box and said he will come back after the party. The guests would just get an ice cream from the box whenever they want. The kids just went crazy over this.

I availed:
PACKAGE 4 - P3,200.00 (80-100persons)
     2 CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN (Chocolate and White Chocolate)
     3 NON FRUIT DIPPERS (Wafer, Stick-O, Marshmallow)
     3 FRUIT DIPPERS (Melon, Banana, Apple)
                      *  INCLUSIVE OF 
                           - sprinkles and rice crispies
                           - paper plates
                           - bamboo skewers and cocktail toothpicks
                           - table napkins
                           - table & complete set up
                           - attendant in uniform

I've added the donuts which were bought from a local bakery that costs 3.50 each. Everyone loved the choco fountains especially the kids. I personally recommend this choco fountain service because I think their rate is reasonable and the attendant was a pro. 
The choco fountain attendant made this. :) Isn't it nice?

I got the cupcake tower for free in one of the cupcake packages I bought from Metrodeal before. We placed the Cielin's cupcakes on the tower. On the right are J.Co's mini donuts (sponsored by my sister)  which are so colorful! They're really perfect for parties, don't you agree? Oh, this dessert section is for the adults to consume. The Goldilocks cupcakes are for kids. 

Price: P359 per pax inclusive of free flowing ice tea or four seasons juice.
Kids price is at P168 per pax.
*Since I had 20 kids and 45 adults, my total bill reached almost 20k. 

Appetizer portion
I actually forgot to take pictures of the food so if I were able to find a picture or one my relatives took a picture of it, I'll post it here right away.

Price: P980
The dress was custom made by Jhust Jhust Plana (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jhustlynmae.plana) , but I was disappointed with the tailor I talked to because the design I sent her was way too far from the one they made. It was actually a rush order and I paid them before seeing the end result so it was actually my fault. :( 

This is the design I wanted that I submitted to them. 

This is what they gave me. T_T What a rip off. It's nowhere even near the original design. *sigh*
Well, I just put it behind me and I'm just glad the dress was decent enough to wear for a party.

Cost me almost 2k for everything from prizes to loot bags and their contents.

I got the prizes from:

Loot bag items from:
The loot bag themselves cost P25 each and were bought from One Stop Mart - just walking distance from Big Plate restaurant.Other loot bag contents were bought from a garage sale selling pencil cases and stickers and more at a very reasonable price so I grabbed that opportunity!

Assorted game prizes
Loot bags I bought from One-Stop Mart.
Loot items inside were bought from different sources.

That's about it. The party was a success and everyone had a great time. Everyone also was very full! Yay! Just hearing that the kids had a great time and the guests were full  is my cue to conclude that the party was a success! :D
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