Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Side Effect of Measles Vaccine

Our pedia actually told us that after my baby takes her measles vaccine, she might develop a certain rash after a week or two from the vaccine; otherwise, she will be fine like most babies. So I just dismissed this easily thinking that my baby wouldn't develop this rash because my first-born son didn't get any rashes after his measles vaccine.

Then after one week, I was quite horrified to see my baby had measles! Well, not measles actually, but this is the rash that the doctor was talking about that actually looked like measles.

Day 1
I wasn't able to take pictures at this time because the red spots were so few that I thought they were just some irritation because of the hot weather. There were only 4 to 5 red spots in total at this time. 

Day 2
Lots of rashes came out concentrating mainly on the chest and back. She also has a few on her face.

 Day 3
 Rashes are still there. They didn't decrease nor increased.

Rashes are still visible, but they're already starting to fade.  

Day 5
Rashes are gone! :)

The rashes only lasted for a few days. I read that for some babies, their rashes healed faster and some healed for longer days. Well, the important thing to know is these rashes are completely harmless and completely NORMAL. There's no need to worry. My pedia advised me not to put anything on it. No lotion, no creams, no powder, nothing! Just let it subside on its own. Oh, the baby can take a bath by the way. I bathed her every day and she didn't show any unusual symptoms like being irritated, too much crying, etc.

So don't let this scare you of not letting your child get vaccines. This is just to inform you that the rashes caused by the measles vaccine is completely harmless. Unless of course your baby is showing some unusual signs like fever, vomiting, etc. then it's time to take the baby to the doctor.

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