Saturday, November 23, 2013

Trick or Treat 2012 and 2013

Every year of October, our village has trick or treat and the residents are very generous in giving treats. Last 2012, I made a mistake in going to SM Las Pinas  for trick or treat hoping that we would get a better experience, but it was not.

I was quite disappointed because the event was a bit disorganized and it seemed like the mall lacked manpower because there were just so many participants. The mall or the shops in it are not that generous in giving out treats. Some will just give you one or two pieces of candies and some would ran out of candy easily. It's really not worth your effort. We will never go to SM for trick or treat.

Falling in line for the trick or treat event. My son just loves Naruto so he cosplayed Naruto.

One of the storekeepers cosplayed Kakuzu. We just can't resist taking a picture. 

The girl on the left is the winner of SM Las Pinas' Cutest Kid costume contest. She is indeed really cute.
We also went to Alabang Town Center that same year of 2012 for trick or treating. You would need to have a minimum purchase of P1,000 so you could participate.  ATC did a better job in organizing their trick or treat event compared to SM Las Pinas. There were free photo booths, game booths, and certain shops were giving out discount coupons and stuff. The loot bag of ATC was quite nice, but there were only 7 stops where you can go to get treats.

One of the game booths in ATC

Falling in line for the trick or treat
One of the spots where we would get candy. It was a great idea to hire cosplayers to give out candies because it really attracted children and child at heart alike.
We took a picture of the kid who wears Edward Scissorhands costume. His costume was da bomb! Really gothic and really cool at the same time. 

Our "passport" for the trick or treat. They won't give you the goodies if you don't have this. There are 7 stations you can go to to get the goodies.

This is all we got. The loot bag with small plastic bag with candies inside, 2 pieces cologne and tickets/stubs/discount cards. That's it. Oh, and we had a long green balloon from Krispy Kreme. I really thought they would give out free donuts hehe.

Well, this year, we made sure that we spend our trick or treating at our own village where there's no fee and hassle-free meaning we don't have to waste our gas and money just to go trick or treating somewhere else. Here are some pics of the trick or treat 2013:

This is the multi-purpose hall where all trick or treaters have gathered. A simple Halloween party is held here with costume contest before they send us off to go trick or treating. They gave us drinks and snacks for the kids. Before we had sponsors like Security Bank and the like that gave us bags of candies. That was 3 years ago. But this year, I guess we didn't attract any sponsors.
On the way going to the multi-purpose hall, we already tried our luck and knocked on houses shouting, "Trick or treat!" Kudos to Amber (in the middle), my niece, because it's her first time trick or treating!

My little girl! We planned to leave her in our house because she's too young to go around and tire easily, but we just can't resist taking her with us.

Our good neighbor told us to pick the candies we like because they're not yet prepared and so we did. :)

I'm starting to believe that most of our neighbors love Halloween because it's the time of the year when they could get their freak on. :D This guy quietly just walks around the neighborhood wearing his costume.

Very nice Halloween decorations.

Very cute girl welcomed trick or treaters to her house.

It's nice when the whole family is into it. :D Nice costume and make-up.

We're walking and suddenly we saw this cutie! I just have to take a pic of her.

Very creative costume! :D

The spookiest Halloween decoration I saw.

That's what I'm talking about! Bags and bags of goodies! Definitely worth the 1-2 hours walk around the village. There are some more that I wasn't able to take a picture. Since there were lots of candies left over and I know we can't consume them all, we just gave them to the less-fortunate kids.
This really caught my attention because the face in the picture looks like he's vomiting.

So you see, nothing compares to trick or treating in your neighborhood. Of course, it won't be as successful if it weren't for the generous neighbors. I just can't wait to have trick or treating again next year. Thanks for reading.
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