Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Visit To Ark Avilon Zoo

Want to take your family to the zoo, but you're worried of the heat and long walks?  Try Ark Avilon Zoo! The entire zoo is situated in an ark and naturally it has a roof on top so you won't get sunburned. It's also not that wide of an area like other zoos so it's a good place to bring your little kids along. 

I've been seeing this deal in Metrodeal for quite some time now and finally when we decided to go to Ark Avilon Zoo, I bought 4 tickets immediately. Regular price is P300 so it's a good deal. I didn't know that 1 year old and below are free of charge, though :( I should've bought 3 only.

Plants, aquariums for sale

I wanted to buy one, but my son was scared pa

Very nice hand puppets! We bought one as souvenir.

Don't leave your snakes unattended

I don't know what these are, though.


My son's favorite part - feeding the rabbits and guinea pigs! It's actually quite expensive because one feed costs P40 each.

It felt quite nice to feed the animals actually especially this cute pony! They can already smell the kangkong I had while I was approaching them.

Yup, they can smell it already.

They have tables and chairs for families who want to sit down and eat. You can also bring food, but the zoo has corkage fees.

Snacks for sale

The lovely Jenny! She was very sweet and accommodating. Oh, you have to pay P50 for 2 pictures.

Not sure if they were wolves or dogs

I just can't allow myself to go home without touching the snake! It was heavy!

Yes, you can touch the owl here :) It won't bite.

They're sad to see people leave...awww....

 Well, that's that. The trip was definitely worthwhile and we really enjoyed it most especially my son.  He said he wants to go back and feed the rabbits again. I told him maybe after a few years when his little sister is old enough to appreciate the zoo. It's just what me and my husband needed to take away stress. I strongly believe that animals can really do wonderful things for us and they really bring out the kid in you. :)

Ark Avilon Zoo
Ark Avilon Zoo - Frontera Verde Ortigas Ave. corner C-5, Pasig City
Tel. (02) 706-2992

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