Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christening Celebration at Ristorante Bigoli Eastwood Mall

We got invited in a Christening celebration of my college friend's baby girl last Sunday at Christ the King Church and then went to Bigoli, Eastwood Mall for their reception. I t was my first time to go Eastwood Mall and I have to say it looks better than Alabang Town Center. It has a relaxing mood to it that I can't explain.

Well anyways, I decided to blog the venue so that people from the north will know that Bigoli restaurant has a modest private room for modest celebrations.

This is where the reception was held. The place was simple yet cozy and it's more than enough to accommodate small to moderate Christening/birthday celebrations. I think it can accommodate up to 30 people. They have sound systems, too.

Buffet setup

I just love the food especially the Stromboli!

I just love it here. Bigoli offered good food and good service during the reception. They gave us unlimited ice tea and bread sticks, too.

My mistake was I forgot to ask the restaurant manager about their Christening packages because we were in a hurry. If you're interested, you may get in touch with them through their Facebook/Twitter account:

Ristorante Bigoli 
FB: https://www.facebook.com/RistoranteBigoli

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