Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Reliable Backfriend

 First of all, thank you very much to Sample Room and Whisper Girl Movement for this opportunity for bloggers like me to join in this contest and express our thoughts. It's not every day that I get to post something about my "friends." :)

After reading some posts from Sample Room in Facebook, I just learned a compound word that I'll add to my mental dictionary, a "backfriend." So what is a backfriend? It's someone who's got your back - very easy to remember, right?

Now, a lot of names come to mind when I think of a backfriend. This person can be my friend back in high school whom I always come to when I need some extra help on my homework or she can be my college friend whom I come to when I'm feeling lonely, ecstatic or simply just bored. 

But then I think again of the people who were always there for me or the people who's got my back, and the names just keep condensing down to a minimum until I thought of the names, Marilyn and Cheryl - my two older sisters. 

From L to R: Me, Marilyn and Cheryl.
Yes, they've always helped me when I needed advice and they were very helpful and honest with me. I love them very much and I'm very thankful for having sisters like them. 

But then again, there is still something missing. I know my sisters got my back, but we also have some ups and downs. We quarrel with each other sometimes because of difference of opinion, money and a lot of other issues. So when this happens, who's got my back?  My loving, caring and understanding husband perhaps? 

My husband and I
I love my husband very much, but of course, we've had some misunderstandings of our own. So when this happens, who's got my back? 

We have to admit that our mothers were there since day 1 of our lives. Heck! They're even worried about us even before we were born. I know because I'm a mother, too. Here are some scenarios that I remember on why my mom is my backfriend:

  • Back in high school, it was Monday late at night in Batangas and I badly needed a scientific calculator the next morning for my Math class. It was a hopeless case and I don't know anyone whom I can borrow one. When my mom found out about my dilemma, she drove me to the city as soon as possible to buy what I needed. I was very touched at that time because it was already late, but she still helped me out. No questions asked.
  • When I was in 4th year HS, I had a crush. I was a bit of an aggressive girl at that time because I was the one giving gifts to my crush and I kept telling this guy that the gifts were from a friend of mine who has a crush on him. Guess who's financing the gifts? Yup, you got that right. It was my mom! Take note that I did tell her that I was going to give gifts for my crush and she just nodded with a smile! She didn't get angry whatsoever. Well, after a few months, I didn't like the guy anymore. I can barely remember his face now, but I remember how my mom understood me at that time and how she respected my feelings.
  • When my first baby was born, my mom would offer to carry her grandson for a while so that I could sleep and rest. It was a simple gesture, but made all the difference in the world because as a newbie mom, I was still restless and always "puyat" because of my baby waking up every 2 hours to feed so taking a nap is a luxury that I definitely needed at that time.
  • When my second baby girl got hospitalized, my husband and I didn't have any money at that time so my mom begged my sister to finance the hospitalization and pay her back when we're back on our feet. It was something I could never forget because for my mom to take away her pride just to help my baby girl was something I could never repay. I love you, mom, so much!
So you see, no one can top what my mom did for me. Even after marriage, my mom is still there for me when I needed her. She's still as reliable, truthful and always got my back with no conditions. 

Just like my mom,  Whisper Cottony Long has my back because I can rely on them to keep  me clean and dry on the days I need it the most without any conditions. 

 Whisper got my back because it's longer than your regular pad thus providing me extra coverage on protection from back stains. In addition to that, Whisper has blue lock core and a hydrophobic topsheet that absorbs the fluid instantly into the pad and LOCKS IT IN so your skin stays dry and away from wetness thus preventing skin irritations.

Here's an infographic explaining more about Whisper's features:

 Another infographic on why Whisper is better than other pads:
There are two types of Whisper Cottony Long Pads: The Whisper Cottony Long and the Whisper Cottony XLong.

1. The Whisper Cottony Long is 2 inches longer and wider than your regular pad that prevents back stains from happening. Thus, enabling you to move more freely without worries. In my case, I can play badminton or join a fun run without worrying about back stains even on heavy days as long as I use this.

Here is an actual image of Whisper Cottony Long I ordered from Sample Room: 

2. The Whisper Cottony XLong is 3.5 inches longer than your regular pad giving you maximum protection from back stains. I use this pad when I go to sleep and I can position myself in any way I want without worrying about blood stains on my underwear and on my bed sheet. It also really feels quite nice because of its cottony cover. No irritations whatsoever. I'm actually thinking if it can already be used as a maternity pad. Maybe I'll let my preggy friends try it during their postnatal stage and get some feedback.

 Here's an actual image of Whisper Cottony XLong: 

I love the fact that it's super long. That alone gives me confidence that this pad will protect me from back stains especially while sleeping.
So girls, Whisper is serious about giving you superior protection and feeling comfortable at the same time so I really recommend trying them out. If in doubt, try ordering some samples at Sample Room so you can experience it first hand if it's really the pad for you. 

I'd like to commend Whisper for continuously improving their product in order to cater every woman's needs during their red days. Making their pad super absorbent, longer (with wings) and cottony soft are the 3 main features that I always look for in a pad so it's a triple thumbs up for me. More power to Whisper and P&G, and I look forward to your future innovations in feminine care. 

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