Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Trip to Paradizoo Farm

Last March 2, 2014, we went to Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez, Cavite so we could use the free tickets I won from Ms. Jhenz's blog ( were hoping to see the parade, but it seems they changed the schedule so we weren't able to see it. But the kids don't mind and they're still excited to see what animals are in the zoo.

My free tickets!

Lots of space for my little one to walk on :)

If it's a hot day, I do recommend you drop by at the souvenir shop first and buy some hats for you or for your kids. They have lovely hats there.

Comfort rooms are right beside the souvenir shop, just walking distance from the entrance.

The 5-legged cow


Sheeps! I wasn't aware that there were different kinds of sheep. There were types of sheep used to get wool from, some for their meat, etc. Very educational indeed.

Lovely flower farm

The Bee Section! :D I was looking forward to this one because I've always been interested in bees.

The different eggs

The highlight of our trip! At first, my son doesn't want to ride it, but when I told him that we would buy a toy for him if he rides it, he rode it, no questions asked :D

Of course, after a long hot walk, the kids would be tired and thirsty. You can bring water or other beverages with you or you can buy at the only cafe here in Paradizoo.

This dog has a different style of begging for food. He would actually sit down like in the picture and then touches you with his paws. His style really works because he was soooo cute! How can we not give him food after doing this? :P

There's a little playground here near the entrance and the kids love it. It was a bit dusty though.

My son got addicted to ate's yema tarts! It's 3 packs for 100.
My pasalubongs from the zoo! I got the yema tarts, the premium honey, the pineapple jams, and the Goat's Milk Soap. I really liked the soap. I tried it on my face and I didn't have any breakouts and such. It's mild and keeps my skin soft. I'm still using it.

Premium honey from their honeybee farm!
This was really what I was aiming for. One bottle costs P350. My kids love it and it's good for throat problems and sometimes even mild cough.

Fresh pineapple jam from their pineapple plants! Each bottle costs P75 if I remember it correctly. They're quite hard to spread out on the bread because they're so thick, but they're really delicious. My mom and my hubby loves it.

The Paradizoo Theme Farm, to put it simply, is just a farm where you can find mostly farm animals. The fun part is you can feed them and you can ride a horse. It's pretty kid-friendly and very, very educational. Schools should be doing field trips here because elementary students can really learn a lot here like the honey bees, the butterflies and, of course, more info about the farm animals.

I do suggest you come in the afternoon or when the sun is not too high so it won't be too hot when you walk around. We arrived here before lunch so we weren't able to see the other areas of the farm because it was too hot.

Paradizoo Theme Farm 
Mendez, Cavite
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