Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chloe's First Birthday Celebration

We went to Chloe's (my nephew-in-law's daughter) 1st birthday celebration in their house in Las Pinas and it's really one of the most enjoyable celebrations I've encountered. It was simple, but everyone had a great time. I guess spending your birthdays at home does have its perks and makes you feel a bit more relaxed as a guest than spending it in other venues.

Rented chairs for the guests.

They also had videoke and sound systems rented.

Home-cooked food for everyone. The packed meals are for the kids.

I wasn't able to take a pic of the cake. I guess nahiya akong buksan :D

The giveaways!

Pabitin and palayok! I haven't seen the latter in a long time.

The highlight of the day was the palayok :)

No one was able to break the palayok after 25 minutes so the mother of the celebrant decided to break it up herself because the sun is already setting :D

The kids really went berserk for the pabitin prizes.

They also had mascots, but since we arrived late, we weren't able to see them. Well, all in all, it was as awesome celebration.

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