Monday, April 14, 2014

Why Do I love Thai Food?

Why Do I Love Thai Food? 

I love Thai Food because it is one of the epitomes of Asian food. They have noodles, rice, curry, hot pots, herbs - all of it! Its like all the food and flavors of Asia assembled in one category. Whenever we dine in a Thai restaurant, there's always something for each member of the family. My mom and my sister like spicy food so they're really in the right place because most Thai food are indeed spicy. My husband and my son loves noodles and Thai food offers lots of noodle variety and they're quite healthy, too, because they mix them with herbs and spices that's good for you which is also good for health-conscious people. Me and my brothers are suckers for chicken and we just love curry chicken which is a popular Thai dish which tastes best with bagoong rice.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is I love Thai food because me and my family enjoys it because they're simply delicious and healthy. If you haven't tried Thai food yet, there's no reason not to and Just Thai is the best restaurant for an authentic Thai food experience. :)

Love Thai Food?
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