Thursday, September 10, 2015

Earn Money Online Through Share-A-Sale

I've been working at home for quite some time now for different positions such as virtual assistant, encoder, and now, I'm currently working as a home-based transcriptionist.  But my income is not enough so thanks to a friend of mine, she referred me to earn money through blogging. And since I have a blog, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to see if it works. 

As you have noticed, I have plenty of banners or ads on my page. That's because I am currently enrolled at Share-A-Sale. Share-A-Sale allows me to use the banners of their merchants for the merchants' promotion to increase their traffic and sales. 

How to Apply in Share A Sale

  • All you need is a blog with content on it. English language is a must because merchants are from the United States. Having your own domain (e.g.,  is an advantage, but not required. As you can see, I am using as my web host.

How to Sign Up:
  1. Once you have a blog, you may apply as an affiliate in ShareASale! 
  2. Wait for 2-3 business days for you to get approved. 
  3. Once approved, you may search for merchants to join their program. 
I have a list of merchants that you might want to apply. Click on their names and apply for their program:
  1. Absorb Health 
  2. Accelerated Intelligence Inc.
  4. Agiato Apparel 
  5. All Buy 
  6. AN & Associates 
  7. Binary Affiliates 
  8. Blondellamy Dean 
  9. Bump Key
  10. Buy Cool Shirts
  11. Canada Dawgs
  12. Company 
  13. Cooper and Kid 
  14. Deal Flicks
  15. Directories Today 
  17. Donna Downy Studios
  18. Dream Hugs
  19. ElecThinker 
  21. Everden llc 
  22. Frecklebox
  23. Fun Slurp
  24. Gear Best
  26. Hostt 
  27. Karina Dresses 
  28. Lingerie Mart Corporation 
  29. Label Your Stuff
  30. Log6ix
  31. Lovely Wholesale 
  32. Magic World 
  33. Magnetic One 
  34. Miamily
  35. Miracle Noodle
  36. My App Builder 
  37. My EyeWear To Go
  38. National Autism Resources Corp. 
  39. Oasap 
  40. Panel Place
  41. Philips Safety Products 
  42. Pictorem Canvass Print 
  43. Pop Kind 
  44. Price Angels 
  45. Primo Products
  47. Score Promotions
  48. Shark Kage
  49. Similar Mart  
  50. Smokeless Delite 
  51. Sports Integrity
  52. Steven Craig Apparel
  53. Street Moda
  54. Stuffed Animals
  56. The California Wine Club
  57. Total Diabetes Supply 
  58. Traverse Bay Farms
  59. U Star Novels Unlimited
  60. USA Dawgs
  61. Wallao International
  62. Diecast Models Wholesale
  63. Zazzle
  64. ZZ Pride Shack
If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to email me. I do suggest you like my page in Facebook and we can chat there. :) 
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