Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fund your Legal Services Through Funded Justice

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Are you in need of an attorney, but lacks the cash or funds for it?  Let Funded Justice help you. Funded Justice harnesses the power of crowdfunding and social media to help raise funds for legal issues. 

Fund Raising  

How does crowdfunding work? 

Crowdfunding is a way of getting financial support for a project by raising small amounts of money from large numbers of people. Funded Justice provides an easy way to create an online fundraising campaign so you can reach out to people anywhere and everywhere, who believe in what you’re trying to accomplish in regards to your legal issue. When other types of funding are not available (credit cards, legal aid organizations, pro-bono attorneys, etc.), crowdfunding is a great option.

Is this for United States only? 

Yes and No.

If the campaign owner creates the account using WePay as the payment processor then we can only accept payments from the USA.
If the campaign is created using PayPal as the payment processor then anyone with a valid credit card, bank account, WePay or PayPal account can make a financial contribution to a campaign on Funded Justice regardless of where he or she is located. 
(Note: Each campaign organizer will use WePay or PayPal, so look at the campaign for more details.)

[Click here] to get started or for more details regarding Funded Justice. 
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