Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ring Boost: Easy to Remember Phone Numbers

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When I was young, I always see these easy to remember phone numbers or what they call vanity numbers on TV such as 1-800-PartyLine or 1-800-Happiness and such. I would always think, "Wow, they must have been lucky to have those numbers," because when you apply for a phone number, the phone company will be the one to give you your designated phone number.  

Well, now, the secret is out. Vanity numbers are not given out of luck, but they are made! Thanks to Ring Boost! Ring Boost provides you a vanity phone number which is a mixture of numbers and letters designed to make your company’s marketing more memorable.

Here are some examples of vanity numbers used by Ring Boost customers: 
(pictures were taken from Ring Boost website) 

Vanity numbers are great for business or for charity where people can easily remember the phone number to dial. Here are the benefits of having a vanity number for your business: 

  • Helps bring in more clients. 
  • Cost-effective
  • Stand out from competition 
  • Exclusivity 

 So get yours now at Ring Boost!

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