Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vaping Helped my Husband to Stop Smoking

My husband has been working  in a call center industry for more than 5 years and mostly during the night shifts. During break times, he usually smokes with his office mates to deal with the stress. After years of his smoking addiction, my husband wanted to stop this bad habit because we have kids that he wanted to see grow up. 

So to instantly stop smoking is impossible for him because he got these certain "itch" to smoke at times which is understandable. What he did was he resorted to vaping. He had friends who also resorted to vaping so he didn't have a hard time how to use them and where to buy the goods.  There are vapor juices that contains Nicotine and there are those that have none so the user has the choice. Of course, my husband always bought the ones that have zero Nicotine content. 

During 6 months of vaping, my husband loved the flavor he was using which was Bazooka Bubblegum. He says that the flavor of the vapor was "delicious" and really helped a lot in eradicating his addiction to smoking. He also did not experience any side effects.

So on the 7th month, he decided to stop altogether because he needs to save some money to fix his car. By then, he says it was easy enough to stop. 

So it's been a year since he stopped vaping and 2 years since he stopped smoking cigarettes. So based on my husband's experience, I really believe that vaping is a great stepping stone towards a smoke-free life. 

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