Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blogapalooza 2015: Sosro Fruit Tea

Last October 25, 2015, I attended the Blogapalooza, an event catered for bloggers and businesses to meet. It was only natural for me to get excited when I arrived and conversed with different booths to get to know their products and services.

After almost an hour of walking and talking, I was feeling a bit tired already. I guess since I'm already 34 years old, my body easily tire especially because I lack exercise.  I also got worried because I haven't reached half of the booths on the event yet and I'm already feeling tired. 

It was really a blessing that I found Sosro Fruit Tea booth. Their booth offersed free caricature art which a lot of bloggers really waited in line for. When I arrived, it was already their cut off and caricature services resumed at 1:30PM so I checked out what else they had to offer.   

When I registered, they made me choose what flavor of Fruit Tea drink I would like. They had guava, apple, freeze, and strawberry flavors available. I was really aiming for the guava flavor because never in my life have I tried a drink flavored in guava. But since I realized that I was really thirsty, my thirst was craving for the apple flavor. Well, you know what they say, "Obey your thirst," so i chose the apple flavored Fruit Tea drink instead. They gave me a full 500 ml chilled bottle :) 

As I was drinking it, the taste was really refreshingly good. The drink was not too sweet and it did not irritate my throat unlike other chilled tea drinks. It's just the right thirst quencher for me. I really feel bad for not taking a pic of the drink I got because I finished the whole bottle in less than a minute. I was THAT thirsty. 

Here's a flyer that they distributed from their booth.
They also offer Fruit Tea drinks in tetra packs. Too bad I wasn't able to ask the retail prices of these and where to buy. I'll just try to look in supermarkets. 

Well, thanks to Sosro Fruit Tea, I was refreshed and felt like I had enough energy once more to go on and meet more people in the event. I was really thankful because I got to focus on what other booths had to say about their products  and be able to interact with them more. 

In life, it's a guarantee that people will face struggles in all sorts of levels and it's important to face them with a cool head in order to succeed. That's what I realized during the Blogapalooza event. I experienced a mild struggle on how to finish the event productively and thanks to the thirst quenching Sosro Fruit Tea, I was able to chill even just a little bit. It was enough to cool my head and to accomplish my goal for the day.  I'll be stocking up more of these at home so I can continue to chill and readily face my daily struggles with the kids and work schedules :) 

For more detailed info about their products, please visit their website at  #ChooseYourBottles 

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