Friday, October 2, 2015

Costumes4Less: Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Halloween Needs

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Yup! It's that time of the year again when we check out our old spooky decors and costumes and see if they're still usable for Halloween. Do you think you need new ones? Then you got to check out Costumes4Less!  They offer costumes for all ages and sizes, accessories, party supplies and even wedding supplies. They're currently having a sale so now is the best time to check out their goods!  

Costumes4Less offers the following:

Halloween Props and Decorations
I checked out some of their Halloween props collection and here are some that caught my eye: 

This is one of my personal favorites from their Halloween prop collection. Click on the image to see how it moves. 

Another one of their props that caught my eye. It's a 24" printed mesh tombstone tent that covers your fog machine. The fog would really look awesome especially at night! Just make sure you have proper lighting. 

Halloween Props and decorations
They also have lots of other scary and disturbing props available. I really recommend you check them out. 


Pet Costumes
Here are two dog costumes that I found really cute! 

Pet Costumes


Costumes for Everyone
They have costumes for girls and boys of all ages and of all sizes! They truly have a vast collection of costumes and here are some that I find quite eccentric :D

For kids:


For Adults

Cinderella costume. Very beautiful. 

Black Widow costume. Scary, but sexy :D

New Halloween Costumes 2015

Well, I guess I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. 
They also offer FREE shipping for orders $50 and above. 

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