Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sign Up Now For The Blogapalooza 2015 (Philippines)

Hey, guys! Blogapalooza 2015 is fast approaching!  Fellow bloggers should not miss this opportunity to meet future clients and advertisers.

What is Blogapalooza?

Blogapalooza is a FREE event where bloggers and businesses meet. Businesses who participate will give free products or samples to bloggers for them to review and post on their blog about their experience in that certain product. Businesses usually will have presentations or booths where bloggers can ask questions about their products. 

Can I Bring a Plus One?

This is also a question I always ask whenever I go to an event, but the facilitators indicated that they h ave to be strict with the number of attendees so bringing another person with you is not allowed.

Well, to be honest, I've never been to a Blogapalooza event, but I have already registered and quite frankly I'm quite excited for it. Do wish to sign up? Go to their website at and simply follow the instructions. 

Event: Blogapalooza 2015
Location: One Esplanade
Date: October 25, 2015 

If you are coming from the province, a fellow blogger is coordinating with a company to arrange Blogapalooza attendees' lodging for FREE!  Preferably food and travel bloggers. Sign up this form here:
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