Friday, November 13, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

Belkin is a brand known for award-winning innovations for easy-to-use networking solutions, accessories for mobile devices as well as energy conservation products. And now, thanks to Lazada Philippines , their products are now available to Filipino shoppers online and can order anytime through Lazada's website. And upon canvassing for Belkin products, here are my top 5 most wanted items or my top 5 Most Wanted Belkin wish list: 

1. Belkin Universal Window and Dash Car Navigation Mount for Smartphones (Black)  

When I saw this product, I instantly remembered my sister because I know she needs this the most. She drives daily to work from Paranaque to Pasay and often checks the traffic status in our area through an application in her smartphone. Since she doesn't have any mount for her phone in her car, she sometimes holds her phone, or puts it on her lap or beside her seat. It's very inconvenient for her and a bit dangerous while she's driving, so this is my number one need that I will give to my sister for her safety. What I like about this is its ability to tilt and rotate 360 degrees so my sister can adjust it according to her liking. It is also compatible with some of the biggest smartphones so I'm pretty sure this is the jackpot because my sister has a pretty big phone. 

2. Belkin 2.4A Universal Charger Kit (White)

Everyone in our house has different kinds of cellphones. Some have smartphones, some have old cellphones, and some have tablets. This universal charger kit would definitely be useful to each one of us  to charge our mobile devices without worrying where to plug it. Sometimes, we have to wait for the person who's charging so we can use the only outlet compatible for our charger. So I really want this this Global Travel Kit because it provides one charger with 6 interchangeable tips that safely cover the 6 dominant power formats.  With this, I can use other power outlets available for charging at home.  Furthermore, with 2.4A output, it gives the fastest possible charging for all devices. Very nice indeed!  ^_^

3. Belkin 2 Meters Lightning Sync/Charge Cable (White) 

Of course, when you have a charger, you would need a reliable charge cable, too. I know very well the importance of having a good charge cable and the inconvenience it brings when it is defective. Sometimes, I thought that the charger, the phone's battery, or the phone unit itself is defective because it is not charging. Little do I know that even charge cables can be broken, too. 

What I like about this product is its durability and its length (2 meters) which is long enough to connect to the charger while you're sitting somewhere pretty far like the bed or sofa while using your gadget. This cable is compatible with iPhone 5/6 and iPad mini which makes a perfect gift for my mom who always use her iPad mini playing Candy Crush. Plus, its 2 years warranty is always a great feature. ^_^ 

4. Belkin Car Charger with USB 3.0 Micro-B Cable 
This would be a great gift for my husband who always complains on having a low battery life while driving home in his car usually because of rush hour traffic. With this Belkin car charger, he can charge his phone conveniently while he's in the car. What I like about this product is its 5 Gbps data transfer speed rating and it's 2X faster on Galaxy devices. My husband has a Samsung Galaxy S5 unit so it would be perfect for him. ^_^

5. Belkin Stylus for Tablets  

Lastly, this is the Belkin item I wanted for myself. It is a pen-like gadget that really functions similarly like a pen on tablets. Well, I'm always fond of drawing on our iPad and it's nearly impossible for me to sketch and draw with just using my finger scrolling in all directions. With this Belkin Stylus, I can sketch my design ideas on our tablet more precisely. What I like about it is it is weighted like a high quality ink pen that feels great on the hands while using it. 

My Belkin Wish List from Lazada website.

That's it for my Belkin Wishlist! I'm quite delighted that Belkin has a product suited for my family's needs and I'm quite confident that there is also a Belkin product suited for yours. So do check out their products at this link to find which Belkin item is for you: 

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