Saturday, December 12, 2015

100 Christmas Wishes at Glorietta – Fulfilled!

Christmas is the time of giving back and spreading the love and I am happy to have witnessed such a miracle this afternoon at the culmination of "100 Christmas Wishes at Glorietta" event.  The project aims to fulfill all 100 wishes of unprivileged children from different charities and organizations through the generous hearts of sponsors.


The event started with a prayer and the children were given food... 


and ice cream!

Children were also given simple activity sheets, pencils, and crayons each so they can get busy during idle time. 

As the program progressed, the audience were entertained by these wonderful presenters: 

A very nice musical performance from 2KK Scholars

A lovely song from FFA Scholars
A lovely performance by Ms. Janina Chan 

Children were invited at the stage to sing/dance along with the host, Kevin. 
The "100 Christmas Wishes at Glorietta" originally aimed to fulfill all 100 wishes of  unprivileged children, but the number didn't stop there. The project was able to fulfill 260 wishes! Amazing! ^_^

At the end of the program, all of the kids opened their gifts and were at awe of what they received:

He got a pair of rubber shoes!
She got a Barbie!
That smile :) 
Yes there were kids who received bikes! ^_^
The event was blessed and officially ended with a prayer. 

The event may have ended, but my wish for you, kids, is to stay in school and let your dreams come true. You are this country's future and I sincerely wish that you continue to have faith and always pray when you have troubles. God bless each and every one of you!

I would like to thank  Ms. Em Sulit for inviting me to this event. She was super busy, but she's still able to squeeze her time to assist us. 
I have met one of the well-known bloggers of our time , Ms. Lhyzie Bongon.
*I used the adjective, infamous, before because it was the first thing that came to mind as I was writing this and my intent was to use it as well-known, legendary, etc. for Ms. Lhyzie. I failed to recognize it as a negative word according to some readers so I sincerely apologize most especially to Ms. Lhyzie for any misunderstanding. I have nothing but respect and good intent for her. Thank goodness Ms. Lhyzie has sent me a msg to clear things out. I was totally clueless about it until she sent me a message. Well, I just hope that there's no harm done. Idol ko pa naman si Ms. Lhyzie.

Nice to meet you again, Ms. Nhessie.

Overall, it was an extraordinary event. I have never felt the essence of Christmas until I saw the genuine smiles of those children and the selfless efforts of the volunteers who simply wants to help out. I really hoped that the sponsors responsible for making the kids' wishes come true were present at the event because they could have witnessed the overwhelming happiness they have given these kids. 

For those who wish to do volunteer work for your company, school, or just for yourself, you may visit where you may see their calendar of activities that needs volunteers. 
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