Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our Cartoon Network Toon Machine 2015 Experience

When my son first saw Cartoon Network's commercial about their Toon Machine event, he was so excited and rushed right at me telling me all about it. It was originally scheduled at December 5 and 6, but thankfully it was moved to December 22 and 23 at the Mall of Asia because I'm very free to take him at that time. 

December 23, Wednesday, we decided to go. My mom got worried about us going to Mall of Asia because of the traffic due to the Christmas rush so we just called for Thai Taxi for a ride from BF Homes, Paranaque to Mall of Asia. The entire ride cost us P450 nett price. It's a bit pricey, but it's a price I'm willing to pay for a hassle-free ride from our door step to MOA, plus, the sedan car used was also brand new; very clean and smells great,  and the driver was extremely nice. 

On our way to Mall of Asia
We left at 10AM and arrived in MOA at around 11AM. We went straight to the Music Hall for the Toon Machine event. Just to give you an overview, Cartoon Network's Toon Machine  is an indoor mega structure that's a modern twist on the classic “claw crane” arcade game. The catch is the parents are the claw! Every hour, participants need to register their names if they want to try the Toon Machine. And then every hour, the organizers will pick 10 names. The names picked need to be on the venue or their entry will be forfeited.

After we registered, we entered the event and went straight to the Toon Machine! No one was using it at the time, but the excitement really starts to build up because seeing all the toys that lucky participants can get from the machine is just enough to get the kids' hearts pumping. 

A closer look of the goodies inside the Toon Machine :)
A lot of kids opted for the huge Jake doll  ^_^ 

A few minutes later, the first batch of lucky raffle draw winners started to use the Toon Machine . It was really fun and thrilling to watch. The host was really supportive as he asks the kid what toy they want their parents to get in the toon machine and then he helps by instructing the parent serving as a human crane as to where the desired toy is located. It was really fun to watch. One lucky parent was able to get a PLDT Telpad! Awesome! 

As we wait for the next raffle draw, we decided to try out the booths around the venue first to kill time. Special mention for Alaska booth for being generous as my son was given free milk as we entered. 

Sunkist booth: If you shoot the circle to the mini giraffe standee, you get a free juice. 

#BearStack booth by Cartoon Network:

Origami section by Cartoon Network: 

PLDT Home Telpad
We got a sticker and a free mini loot bag filled with candies just by playing a game. 

Free Cartoon Network viewing by Cignal TV: 

Toy Kingdom booth. My son can't get his eyes off the Yokai watch toy. 

 Jack N' Jill Wiggles booth:

In addition, there was also a photo booth and a face painting booth courtesy of Cartoon Network, but we never got to try them because, for some reason, my son doesn't like painting on his body and he's quite shy to try the photo booth. 

During lunch time, Gumball and Darwin mascots arrived! We wanted  to take a picture with them, but unfortunately we weren't able to because the ones allowed to take a picture were the ones who have a "pass." I really had no idea where to get a pass and apparently nobody knew. The mascots stayed for the picture-taking only for a short while and then off they go. 

From 11AM up to 4PM, we stayed in the mall and registered hour after hour hoping that our names would be picked. My son just played with his toy courtesy of Jack N' Jill Wiggles booth. 

In all honesty, staying for more than 4 hours was really tiring and the excitement eventually dies down especially if your name doesn't get picked from the raffle. My son started to get tired and bored. 

It was already 3:30PM. I made an ultimatum for the both of us that if our names don't get picked at the next raffle at 4:15, it's time to go home and he agreed. So we decided to have a quick snack at a nearby Auntie Anne's store: 

The pepperoni pretzel was so good.
It was freshly cooked and it actually tasted like pepperoni pizza. 
At exactly 4:15PM, we went back to the venue for the raffle draw. After hours of waiting and much prayers, our names GOT PICKED!!! We were so happy! 

A picture of us while we wait our turn in the Toon Machine
It was just the two of us at the event so there was no other person available to take a picture of me while inside the machine. T_T But that's all right. 

I was so nervous while waiting for my turn in the Toon Machine, but excited at the same time. My son told me he wanted to get a Lego toy so that's what I was opting for when I was inside. So when it was my turn, I was giving hand signals to my son to what direction I wanted to go as he was in charge of the controls as to where I should go. Thankfully, I was able to get a Lego box that he wanted. ^_^  I  also was able to grab 2 small Jake dolls, 2 Cartoon Network goodie bags, and 4 Cartoon Network loot bags. Yey! ^_^ The entire experience was just awesome. 

Afterwards, we went to the bay side area of Mall of Asia to relax and take a breather. 

When we got home, we excitedly opened what's inside the bags: 

The loot bag consists of 2 sets of Power Puff Girls stickers, 5 boxes of Cartoon Network crayons, and a Cartoon Network wrist band. 

The Cartoon Network goodie bag consists of 2 sets of Clarence stickers, 2 sets of Cartoon Network crayons, 1 set of Ben10 stickers, 1 Adventure Time key chain, and 1 Clarence fart bomb. Yes, a fart bomb! My kids went wild after trying out the fart bomb where you put it on a chair and when someone sits on it, a loud fart sound will surprise everyone. ^_^ It was just awesome. The loot bag itself can also be turned into a Gumball mask if you cut the circles on the eyes.  

Overall, it was a great experience. I really hope they could do it again next year with more toys in the Toon Machine and more people could try it. I also hope they get to have more sponsors next time. More sponsors means more freebies hopefully so the kids can grab some loots at the event even if they weren't able to try the Toon Machine. 


All pictures in this post were taken by my mobile phone, Cherry Mobile Excalibur. 

Since this is the time of giving, I will be giving away one Cartoon Network loot bag that I shall be adding as a prize to my on-going giveaway that can be found in this link:

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