Monday, December 7, 2015

The Big Difference of Big Brain Instructional Design

The corporate world is challenging place where competitions never cease. With this in mind, businesses or corporations ensure employees productivity and efficiency in tip top shape by provision of traditional training or live training. I used to work in a real estate company many years ago as a contractual employee and I was able to observe first hand of the live trainings provided by the company for its employees to educate them with the new enterprise application software being used for all departments. It was simply like being in a classroom where a trainer teaches and the employees listen and ask questions.

As our technologies continue to progress, live training has also evolved to eLearning where employees can simply log on to their computers, study, interact and ask questions with their trainer regarding their subject matter through video conference. A lot of companies nowadays prefer this method simply because it saves training costs and there’s simply a wider acceptance of web-based training due to the convenience it brings to the company’s employees. 

Although eLearning has its benefits that companies yearn for, not all companies wanted to absorb this type of training. Some would still prefer live training for its social interaction between trainer and employees that eLearning could never provide. Some employees would also prefer live training because they are already comfortable with that kind of training method where they can learn more efficiently.

So for companies looking for training firms to train their employees, which training method would they prefer? Should they hire two firms that would offer each training method? Absolutely not! There is an easy solution for this kind of problem and the answer is Big Brain Instructional Design!
Big Brain Instructional Design Philippines is a business established to help other businesses with their online and live training needs. It aims to provide quality and affordable outsourced service to make businesses reach their goals in employee or customer training needs. 

What sets them apart from the others?

Simple. They are able to combine elearning with live training! But, in most cases, the two services can be segregated according to the company’s needs. Big Brain Instructional Design is also the first in the country to combine eLearning and live training commonly known as corporate blended learning or simply blended learning.  

One word to describe blended learning for corporate training is flexibility. In this modern age, employees are very crucial with their schedules and blended learning can help them with that. Blended learning allows employees to have complete control over how, when, and where the client or company will want to train their employees, in order to help them develop their skill sets and thus enhance their work performance and productivity levels.

So whether it be live training, eLearning, or blended learning, Big Brain Instruction Design Philippines can help you decide what is best for your company’s needs and they can provide it for you at reasonable costs. That is what sets Big Brain Instruction Design apart from all the rest. 

Big Brain Instructional Design
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