Thursday, January 14, 2016

TopBuzz Mobile App Review

With so many news websites online,  it’s quite tiresome to go to each site to see what’s hot and what’s not. I used to work as a virtual assistant and I was tasked to be updated with the latest news in the United States and in the Philippines, so  I used to bookmark websites such as Inquirer,  CNN, and Philippine Star so I can instantly open each site daily whenever I use the computer to look for interesting news.

But the downside of that method is that it always took me more or less 15 minutes  on each website just to browse through their headlines looking for some news I could use at work given that our internet connection and PC specifications were just fairly normal. It’s just that websites before (and still some today) were  loaded with heavy scripts and heavy graphic images resulting to slow loading time.

Thankfully, there is a new mobile application called “TopBuzz” that I can use to see the latest headlines from multiple current events sources such as Rappler, Inquirer, The Standard, Philstar, CNN Philippines, and more  in just one platform in my mobile phone.

Do I need TopBuzz?

Since I want an  application that can simply organize news headlines from multiple sources for me then, yes, I definitely need this for business and personal use. 

Why do I like TopBuzz?

What I like about TopBuzz is its simplicity or its easy category selection to be more specific. Once I open the application, I simply choose which category I would like to browse on. Its categories include Latest News, Buzz, Featured, News, Sports, Lifestyle, Business, Technology, Videos, Deals, Jobs, and Events. One of my favorites is the Buzz where the juiciest headlines from the Entertainment industry in Hollywood or in the local entertainment industry are featured.  
The categories
 Another thing that I like about TopBuzz that is quite rare on free applications is that it does not include banner advertisements. I can simply browse through the headlines without accidentally clicking on irritating banners. 

No ads anywhere! Thank goodness. 
Finally, I like TopBuzz because it made my life easier. I can finish reading the headlines while lying on my bed or while I drink my coffee at the coffee shop. Plus, I'm currently using a MyPhone Android phone and I did not experience any problems from the app so far.  

How much is it and where do I get it?
TopBuzz is a FREE android application that can be downloaded in Google Play Store. Here is the link:  It took me only a few minutes to download it. 

For more information about the TopBuzz, you can visit their Facebook page at

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