Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to Recover Your Deleted Photos on Your Android Phone

Yesterday, I went ballistic as I accidentally deleted my entire Camera folder in my Android cellphone! When it happened, I was in a state of shock thinking that all the photos I took from the last 6 months using my phone are gone! 

So after a few minutes when my mind was starting to think logically again, I searched online on any information about how to recover my deleted photos from my Android phone. Apparently, there is hope and plenty of applications popped up claiming that they can do the job including the ones where you need to install it both on your phone and your PC. 

Good news is I did recover my photos! Thank God! What did I use? Disk Digger Photo Recovery.  You can download it in the Google Play Store for free. It's very easy and simple to use. Just download it, open the program, let it scan your phone, and then it retrieves all your photos. No need to install it on your PC. 

Here are some screen caps of the program:

Once installed, open the Disk Digger app  and click "Start Basic Photo Scan." While the scanning was taking place, I can slowly see the lost pictures gradually being retrieved and I did not need to use the "Full Scan" feature. 

When the scan is finished, it will give you a choice on where to save the retrieved files. I actually selected the second choice which is saving the files to a custom location on my device. It was not that difficult to find them anyways. 

So that's it! All my lost photos were retrieved in a jiffy. All thanks to Disk Digger!

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