Sunday, March 20, 2016

Come Home to Lancris Residences

Family is the stronghold of every Filipino by heart and it is customary  that the decisions made by each member of the family is approved by the father or the head of the family considering that father knows best when it comes to experience and knowledge.

This video of Lancris Residences distinctively shows that norm which is a part of our Filipino culture. We can also see some classic Filipino gestures such as “pagmamano” or asking the hand of the elder to touch one’s forehead while bowing which is a sign of respect, and the whole family picking up their relatives from the airport which I thought were very nice. 

You may watch the video here: 

The overview of the video portrays the grandfather criticizing his youngest son, Orly’s, decisions in life and among them is Orly's second-hand car. When the grandfather said, “Dapat brand new na ang binili mo.” I nodded right away for what he said because me and my husband can totally relate. 

The second-hand car
We previously purchased second-hand cars and we experienced a lot of problems maintaining it especially with the car parts deteriorating one by one which costs a lot when we replace them. It’s like every year, we experience different problems with it so I totally agree with the grandfather purchasing a brand new one because it won’t cause much inconvenience unlike having a second-hand vehicle. Well, bottom line is that grandfather is right on that one.

That look that we give when we are being compared to our siblings
But one criticism of the grandfather that hit the nail on the head and  that many of us individuals commonly experience especially the among siblings is being compared with the “better” sibling. In this case,  Orly is being compared to his older brother who happens to make better decisions in life.

Little did the grandfather know, Orly bought a unit in one of the most prestigious condominiums in the Metro – the Lancris Residences. Furthermore, his older brother also bought a unit in the same condominium, too, so they’re practically neighbors!

The surprise party for the grandparents when they entered the condo unit :)
The older brother enlightens their father that Orly was the one who convinced him to buy a unit in Lancris Residences because it's a great place to build a home. 
After seeing that scene, it actually gave me a great insight about our own family. If I were to move out with my husband and children in a condo unit, it would also be a good idea if my sisters , brothers, or any of my relatives would live on the same condo, too, so we would be neighbors. If we need help or if we need to leave the kids to someone, we can leave them with their aunts just a few steps away from our own unit. That would be really nice.

That look when father is proud of you. :) 
So in the end, the most touching scene of all that made me teary eyed is when the grandfather telling Orly that he has done great in his life and he is proud of him. He was convinced that the condo unit is a good investment indeed and the place really looks wonderful. After seeing the rooms in the video, I, took, agree very much that the place looks very nice especially the children’s rooms. I was at awe when I saw the world map wallpaper.

Bedroom 1.
I love the floral wallpaper. It's like a doll house perfect for little girls.

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3
I just love that world map wallpaper
All in all, it was a great video. If I were to have enough money to buy a unit in Lancris, I would buy one in a heartbeat. It's a great place to live close to all essential institutions such as churches, schools, hospitals, even the municipal office. For more information about Lancris Residences, you may visit their Facebook page or their website. 

Note: If you plan to purchase a unit, it wouldn't hurt if you mention that you got the information from my blog, Southbound Mom :D 

Lancris Residences

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